Wood Pellet sawdust pellet production line

Wood Pellet sawdust pellet production line has what and what to pay attention to when investing in a wood pellet production system. Find out more details with Green Technology in the article below

Wood pellets sawdust
Wood pellets sawdust

What are sawdust pellets?

Wood pellets, also known as wood pellets, are biofuels produced from plant waste materials such as sawdust, wood chips, rice husks, corn stalks, etc. waste material after using the tree for lumber, household appliances and other agricultural products.

Under the influence of temperature and pressure, natural binders bind the raw materials into tablets, so they do not include additives. The pellets generate a large amount of heat due to the low humidity (less than 10% compared to the natural moisture content of 20 – 60% in the wood core).

Wood pellets have a uniform general shape (diameter ¼ – 5/16 inch, length 1 – 1.5 inch) making it easier to store (stack) and use than any other biofuel.

Its heat generation technology is quite simple, reducing operation and maintenance. This system is easy to install and saves energy costs greatly while providing many practical economic and environmental benefits.

From an environmental perspective, wood pellets are ideal. It converts infinitely available, redundant raw materials into an efficient clean energy source. Wood pellets are carbon neutral because they are part of the carbon cycle.

Burning wood pellets produce CO 2 , the tree reabsorbs this CO 2 . Therefore, wood pellets are a clean renewable energy source.

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Currently customers all over the world use wood pellets. Because of its safety and renewable nature, wood pellets are more efficient than other fuels, and their calorific value meets the most stringent EPA (Environmental Protection Organization) standards. They found that in the post-Kyoto Protocol era, the generation using wood pellets is a form of economic business and environmental protection. Scientists also say that switching to wood pellets will prevent the destruction of the greenhouse effect.

Benefits of wood pellets

The biggest benefit of wood pellet biofuel is that its cost is only about 25 – 50% compared to fossil fuels and the price is stable.

In addition, biofuel reduces global environmental problems such as acid rain, greenhouse effect. Besides, wood pellets also have the following benefits:

  • Produced from abundant and limitless surplus wood materials
  • Simple production and operation technology, using less manipulation and manpower
  • Convenient and easy to use, stack, transport, can store large quantities with a smaller storage area than other biofuels.
  • Generates high energy, low ash
  • Stable prices compared to fossil fuels
  • As a renewable, clean fuel source

What equipment does Wood Pellet sawdust pellet production line include?

Factory design export wood pellet sawdust pellets
Factory design export wood pellet sawdust pellets

In a production line of export sawdust pellets, there will be important equipment such as: Wood crusher into sawdust, sawdust dryer, pellet press, conveyors, complete control system. system.

The design of the export wood pellet factory will help customers have the most intuitive and overall view of investment efficiency.

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