Vietnam Green Technology Company would like to send respectful greetings to customers, thank you for your attention and cooperation in the past time.

Green Technology Vietnam – is a unit specializing in providing the leading chain system and equipment in the agricultural industry in Vietnam. We always provide the overall design solution of high quality synchronous equipment and lines to customers in all countries.

Green Tech Vietnam – as one of the pioneer manufacturers in the research, production and application of clean technology in Vietnam, has brought positive solutions to the renewable energy industry in the world. country in particular and the world in general.

With extensive investment in infrastructure in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Along with a team of masters, professional engineers with many years of experience, the leadership team has a vision and always develops and applies the latest technology to create quality products that contribute to the national renewal process. has created high trust of partners and customers.

After many years of operation with dynamism and creativity in the business field, we always aim for the quality of products and technical services, and strive to build a healthy competitive environment. Vietnam Green Industry has constantly affirmed its brand position in the market and the trust of customers. We believe that high quality products, perfect service will satisfy customers. This affirms that when customers come to us, they always feel the true value of the product, convenience, high reliability and strong attachment to the future.

We: “Prestige – Quality – Efficiency”

For any need for advice and support, please contact:

Company name: Vietnam Green Technology Company
International transaction name: Ky Nghe Xanh Viet Nam JSCFactory: No. 29 Hoang Van Thai, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District, City. Danang.
Office in Central: 32 Ly Chinh Thang, Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District, City. Danang.
Office in the South: 652/38 Cong Hoa, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh.

Hotline: 094.110.8888

Becoming a brand specializing in research, design and manufacturing of the leading industrial production equipment line in Vietnam and affirming its position in countries in the region is the foundation for all activities of Engineering Company. Green Vietnam. This will be the inspiration and motivation for the staff and company leaders to focus on strategic missions for each product line and service in the domestic and regional markets. This platform will also contribute to orientation for research and development tasks, to bring good business performance and serve social benefits.[/sidetabs_item][sidetabs_item icon=”fa-legal” title= “Mission”]

The first mission of Vietnam Green Technology Company is to ensure perfect product quality when it is put on the market. This can only be done when the whole team of employees accompanies the leadership to implement effective product, service and pricing strategies.

Next is the development of research projects and application of new technologies to the design and manufacture of industrial production equipment lines to further perfect the main product lines, continue to improve the features and reduce production costs. This directly benefits the company by making Green Industry Vietnam’s products more competitive in the market, and at the same time giving customers more choices at reasonable prices.

Last but not least is the mission to ensure absolute safety in production activities as well as in business. Vietnam Green Technology Company is always committed to a safe, competitive and cooperative working environment so that the staff is always focused, wholehearted and loyal to the common strategies and policies. This is an extremely important task for company leaders, because people are the most valuable asset of any business.

We believe that the success of any brand is rooted in the trust consumers have for that brand’s products. One of the factors that creates that trust is the quality of the product. Henry Ford (1863-1947) the father of the Ford Motor Corporation – once said, “The market will never be saturated with a good product, but it will become saturated very quickly with a bad product”. Therefore, quality is always considered by the Board of Directors as a vital factor, determining the competitive strength of Vietnam Green Industry in the market – “Because quality is the best guarantee of the trust of the company. customers” (according to Jack Welch – former President and CEO of General Electric).

Product brands built by Vietnam Green Industry with the philosophy of “Product quality is the focus – Customer’s interests are key”, have been, and will continue to be trusted by consumers with genuine quality. Quality is recognized every day through the systems of industrial production equipment that we have provided at businesses across the country.