Installing a wood crusher into sawdust in Dong Nai

The GREEN MECH Wood Crusher offers a completely new solution with a single wood crusher to grind all types of wood both fresh and dry into sawdust. High quality sawdust, saving time, reducing production costs by 40%, reducing investment costs for users, bringing high economic efficiency.

GREEN MECH manufactures and supplies wood crushers into sawdust in Dong Nai

What is a wood crusher?

The GREEN MECH wood crusher is a device for crushing wood, logs, and cardboard into small-grained sawdust. The sawdust produced from the GREEN MECH wood crusher is suitable for all uses. The GREEN MECH sawdust mill has a wide range of capacity and is simple to operate, using only 1 crusher to grind all types of sawdust. wood is fully automatic and fast.

GREENMECH sawdust wood crusher
GREENMECH sawdust wood crusher

Advantages of wood crusher into sawdust in Dong Nai

  • GREEN MECH wood crusher is suitable for many types of materials: tree wood, stick wood, cover wood, domino with all moisture.
  • The system automatically feeds and releases sawdust, reducing operating labor costs.
  • Saving power, the crusher uses hydraulic technology, saving up to 70% of energy costs compared to the old technology.
  • Easy control: Automatic or manual.
  • The hydraulic motor is stable.
  • The grinding knife life is up to 1000 hours.
  • The leading technology in Vietnam for crushing wood into sawdust.
Wood crusher in Dong Nai
Wood crusher in Dong Nai

Structure of wood crusher GREEN MECH

  • GREEN MECH wood crusher includes the following main parts:
  • The horizontal conveyor is used to feed wood, the conveyor will automatically feed the wood into the machine to help ensure the safety of the user and improve the working efficiency of the crusher.
  • The hydraulic wood clamping mechanism is responsible for automatically holding the wood so that the wood is crushed into sawdust without splashing the wood out, ensuring the safety of the operator.
  • The grinding block is equipped with many clusters of wood grinding knife blocks, the blades act as saw blades to help wood easily and gently be crushed into humus.
  • The body is the structure for assembling assemblies. The body of the GREEN MECH wood crusher is solidly designed to help the machine run smoothly and stably for a long time of use.
  • Conveyor conveying humus out will save you time and money for raking the humus out of the machine.
  • The hydraulic power unit provides motion for all the motors of the working mechanisms, the hydraulic motors work with extremely high efficiency and great durability.
  • The main grinding motor transmits crushing speed and force to the roller and the knives through a pulley and belt mechanism for gentle operation.
  • The intelligent control system automatically puts wood into the crusher and can adjust the grinding speed as fast and slow as you want.
Sawdust wood crusher in Dong Nai
Sawdust wood crusher in Dong Nai
Packing of sawdust wood crusher
Packing of sawdust wood crusher
Shipping sawdust wood crusher to customers
Shipping sawdust wood crusher to customers

Buy wood crusher in Vietnam

The GREEN MECH Wood Crusher  is the first crushing equipment in Vietnam that can crush all types of wood from fresh to dry, providing a solution for crushing sawdust for the Vietnamese forest product industry.

Wood Crusher GREEN MECH has supplied a wide range of sawdust crushing equipment to sawdust pellet mills, firewood pressing plants, mushroom embryo production facilities and livestock farms.

Price of wood crusher machine into sawdust GREEN MECH

The GREEN MECH sawdust wood crusher  is designed according to industry standards at a reasonable price, GREEN MECH Vietnam brings you a completely new, time-saving solution. GREEN MECH wood chipper is completely worth your investment and use in the long run, providing the best efficiency.

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