Quotation of cement silos is a problem that many businesses are interested in

Quote cement silo are the most searched keywords today on social networking sites and Google. People are paying attention to silo because it helps to preserve a lot of different materials such as fly ash, cement, sand, … and more especially, it is used to preserve agricultural products. Join us to the article below to know more information about this issue.

Criteria for the quality of cement silos

  • The body must be rounded to ensure the quality of storage, not to interfere in the process of taking materials. That’s why it uses a specialized machine to roll, to ensure a beautiful, round product.
  • The cone section should be paid more attention to because it is the most important part to store cement.
  • The dust filter system or dust filter bag needs to be durable. Only then can we ensure environmentally friendly products. Ensure good ventilation and have good dust filtration ability.
Actual image of cement silo
Actual image of cement silo
  • A handwheel is required to help the valve opening and closing process better.
  • As for the support legs, depending on whether the silo is large or small, the legs will have different sizes. Normally the legs will be 168mm x 5mm, and 219mm x 6mm tubes.
  • There are specialized stairs for inspection. Stairs will be installed both inside and outside,  there will be outside railings to make it safer for people to use.
  • After the main cone is aeration to prevent arch formation, to avoid clumping of cement.
  • It is mandatory to have overpressure valve and pressure reducing tower to avoid explosion

These are the factors that customers need to consider to be able to choose for themselves the best quality cement silo. In addition, the cement silo quotation is also one of the most noticeable points today.

In general, the prices offered by different agencies will vary. The different storage potential will also cause the price to change. Therefore, customers need to be consulted carefully to choose quality products as well as reasonable prices.

Can silos be used to preserve agricultural products?

Industrial silos must be familiar to many businesses, especially those producing agricultural products. In the past two years with many impacts from the covid-19 pandemic as well as social distancing measures to prevent epidemics, the circulation of goods has become difficult, especially for agricultural products that are difficult to reach. well preserved. Therefore, the reserve silos become essential items.

Agricultural product silos provided by Green Industry
Agricultural product silos provided by Green Industry

Some common methods of preserving agricultural products

Store agricultural products in conventional warehouses. With the previous economic and circulation situation, it is quite reasonable to preserve agricultural products in normal storage. Because conventional storages have low construction costs. If goods are imported and exported continuously, product quality will not be affected much.

However, with the current situation of stagnant goods circulation, this way of storing agricultural products has great disadvantages. Because the storage is difficult to control the temperature and humidity as well as the attack of rodents such as mice and squirrels. This will greatly affect the quality and output of agricultural products.

Another method is to store frozen produce. This method requires a large cost to operate the freezer. While some agricultural products are not necessarily stored in low temperature conditions. This causes a significant waste of maintenance costs for the business.

Preserving agricultural products by specialized silos.

Most recently, a preservation method that is eagerly sought after by the owners of agricultural production businesses is the method of using Silo for preservation. As everyone knows, a silo cellar is a type of cellar specially designed and manufactured to ensure factors such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation, which are very suitable for the preservation of agricultural products.

Preserving agricultural products with specialized silos
Preserving agricultural products with specialized silos

A new type of silo was born industrial cement silo. Also has the same structure and function as conventional silos. However, the cost of construction and installation of industrial cement silos is much cheaper.

This helps agribusiness businesses to preserve products in quality conditions as well as save a significant amount of storage costs.

Which unit specializes in providing the best quality silo?

With many years of experience in providing silos. GREEN TECHNOLOGY company quickly grasped the market trend and became one of the most reputable and quality cement silos suppliers and trusted by many businesses today.

To learn more about silo products as well as receive the most accurate cement silo quote, you can contact us immediately through the website https://kynghexanh.com.vn/ or via email. via hotline +84 94 110 8888. Our consultants are always ready to serve you.

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