What are industrial silos? Why are they needed in production?

As a product of Greek origin, industrial silos means industrial reservoir. These silos are usually made of strong metal or concrete for the purpose of ensuring certain conditions such as the ability to keep hot, keep cold or the tightness required to preserve certain solid materials. enemies such as food, cement, coal or wood.

Types of silos that are commonly used today

Two types of silos are commonly used today, including tower silos or cellar silos. Tower silos are usually made of rust-proof metal or stainless steel with a sturdy base commonly found in companies specializing in the production of cement or coal.

Industrial silos for powder storage
Industrial silos for powder storage

Silos are also built from strong concrete, often used to store food. Military silos are also used to store weapons and missiles. In general, this product is present in different fields with the main use being storage. Even difficult-to-preserve materials such as cement, sand, fly ash, etc. can still ensure product quality for a long time.

Structure and application of silo in life

We have reviewed the two basic types of silos as well as the purposes of each type. Here, let’s learn more about the structure of the silo as well as some of their practical applications.

Structure of different types of silos

Tower silos are usually long straight cylinders. The top has a conical shape and has a bottom cover made of stainless steel coated with paint often equipped with mixing elements to prevent products such as cement or concrete from solidifying.

Tunnel silos are usually square in shape built underground to ensure temperature stability. This type of silo usually has a steel lid arranged at the top of the cellar to facilitate the retrieval of stored goods.

The picture clearly shows the parts of the industrial silo
The picture clearly shows the parts of the industrial silo

Applications of silos

Some practical applications of silos in life that are most interested by many people are the ability to stock and ensure the quality of products. The silo allows to store a large number of products at once and to meet certain temperature and humidity conditions, helping to increase the storage time many times compared to usual. At the same time, it also helps to save a lot of cost and effort of storage compared to conventional.

Because building silo warehouses can help save more space of businesses instead of having to use conventional warehouses. At the same time, the use of silos can also help products to be stored longer.

In particular, silo warehouses often have low maintenance and repair costs, which also helps businesses save a large amount of unnecessary repair and maintenance costs.

Factors to evaluate the quality of cement silos

To consider silo for quality or not, customers need to be based on the following factors:

  • Weld quality

To form a complete silo, the manufacturer uses modern MIG welding technology to ensure solid welds, without allowing air or rain to enter. Thereby ensuring the quality of the silo.

  • Paint 3 layers for insulation, heat insulation

Quality industrial silos will usually be powder coated with 2 layers to improve rust resistance.

  • Solid, well-balanced pedestal

To save space, the silo will be placed vertically, so the pillars must be very solid to be able to meet this. You can see these pedestals set before the silo is placed. Make sure it is properly sized and capable of withstanding the weight of the silo.

Industrial silo is designed with sturdy base
Industrial silo is designed with sturdy base

The place that provides a reputable industrial silo warehouse

GREEN TECHNOLOGY Company is one of the most prestigious and quality industrial silo suppliers today. The company specializes in providing a wide range of silos from tower silos to silos that can meet all customers’ storage needs.

The company’s silo products are designed and manufactured according to strict industrial processes to ensure the current tunnel construction conditions. There is a long-term warranty to help customers feel secure during use.

As one of the leading brands in the industry, the silo we provide has received the recognition of many units in the market. Not only good quality, but also fine workmanship has helped the units feel more secure when using.

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