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Cement silo tank are one of the most popular products today, especially for units specializing in providing cement, producing unburnt bricks, etc. Surely you have heard of this product name. but do not know the information as well as the supplier of genuine and quality products. Follow in the footsteps of GREEN TECHNOLOGY to learn about you.

What is a cement silo tank?

Cement silo is a specialized part to store cement, sand, fly ash, …. This is a very important part of the concrete batching plant as well as specialized equipment for the production of unburnt bricks.

On the strength of the syrup, they are often used in concrete batching plants, large or small unburnt brick production. The silo is manufactured to ensure even roundness because it is rotated on a professional cyclone machine. Such a circular rotation ensures that materials will be circulated well, not stuck, affecting the production process.

Cement silo tank
Cement silo tank

The cement coating process is quality assured according to 3-layer standards with 1 layer of anti-rust and 2 layers of color paint, so the silo is not damaged when it is exposed to the sun or rain. This ensures that the quality of the raw materials inside is not affected by the environment.

The paint layer reaches 90µm, the quality is checked by the European standard measuring system. The product has an extremely effective dust filtration system that is very friendly to people and the surrounding environment, ensuring that no cement dust is released into the environment during storage.

Structure of cement silo tank

This product is composed of five main parts as follows:

  • Dedicated safety pressure valve to balance the pressure inside and outside of the silo
  • Has a level indicator to monitor the amount of cement in the silo
  • The cutter ensures to get the necessary amount of cement to avoid waste
  • The dust extraction system recruits at the top to remove dust, avoiding causing dust to be released into the environment.
  • Specialized screw conveyor to transport cement to the cement weighing scale quickly.

Parts like this structure to help the cement silo tank take on the role of good cement storage. With the installation systems that work in harmony with each other, the cement team no longer flies to the outside environment affecting the health of users.

Outstanding advantages of cement silos

We see the appearance of cement silos more and more because users have noticed the outstanding advantages of the product:

Possessing 3 layers of paint to ensure no rust during use
The body of the syrup is evenly rounded due to the use of a dedicated cyclone machine
Pressure reducing cone elements, equalize the pressure inside and outside.
The lid of the syrup has a large size that can be put in the outside ladder.
The extremely effective dust filter system is designed in stainless steel which is very friendly to the surrounding environment, ensuring human health.
Save a lot of labor costs as well as construction costs because there is no need to install a warehouse.
It saves a lot of space because the silo is erected.
The capacity can be up to thousands of tons.
The quality of the cement is guaranteed because there is a drying fan system inside.

What is the price of cement silo?

As one of the products commonly used today, but the price of the silo is very competitive in accordance with the economic conditions of the units. The exact price of each silo will be based on the actual needs of the customer as the capacity of the new silo can be determined.

One thing that we can affirm is that GREEN TECHNOLOGY always provides products with the most competitive prices in the market. Come to us to enjoy attractive commitments.

Supplier of quality and cheap cement silo tanks
Supplier of quality and cheap cement silo tanks

GREEN TECHNOLOGY – a unit specializing in providing silos with top quality

Cement silo tanks provided by GREEN TECHNOLOGY unit always ensure quality and prestige because:

  • Possessing many years of experience in the field of silo supply. We are always highly appreciated and trusted by consumers all over the country.
  • Supplying silo directly without intermediaries, so the price is very competitive.
  • Diverse capacity of silos such as 40 tons, 60 tons. 80 tons, 120 tons, …  Depending on the actual needs of our customers, we will advise you to choose the most suitable product.
  • When you choose to shop at our unit, you will receive a lot of attractive incentives as well as a commitment to product quality.
  • Customers also have a lifetime warranty.
  • We have spare parts available to help the maintenance process take place quickly.

These are the information about the cement silo tanks that GREEN TECHNOLOGY provides, if you have any questions, please contact the hotline number +84 94.110.8888 for a completely free consultation.

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