Find out details of cheap, high quality incense wood crusher on the market

Incense wood crusher with many outstanding features creates high quality sawdust products and is applied in many fields today. Thanks to that, many units in Hanoi and across the country are looking to buy this machine.

But where is the quality wood crusher line? Where will be the address to supply cheap and high quality crushers in Hanoi? Let’s find out in detail through this article for more information when choosing a wood crusher!

Sawdust from mill GREEN MECH
Sawdust from mill GREEN MECH

Learn about incense wood crusher

Although used and applied a lot in life, not everyone understands the product of incense wood crusher. What are the outstanding advantages of this machine and where to buy the product is also a problem that many people wonder today.

Uses of incense wood crusher

Wood crusher machine also has another common name that is sawdust wood crusher . This series of machines is specially designed to grind trees, wooden bars, wooden boards and even unused wood chips into small-grained sawdust.

In addition to the main task of grinding wood, this machine can also grind other materials such as straw, coir, bagasse ….

The finished products that the machine produces are often used in many of our lives, from mushroom embryos to animal feed, fuel, pressed wood furniture, etc.

Working principle of incense wood crusher

Normally, a wood crusher using new technology such as a machine belonging to Green Mech unit will have the following operating principles:

Step 1: Supply wood to the machine. You will feed the logs, twigs, wooden bars, wooden boards, wood chips to the conveyor belt to put into the machine by automatic mechanism.

Step 2: Wood clamps: The wood clamps will clamp the imported wood material to hold it firmly while grinding. This unit is also operated by a hydraulic motor system.

Step 3: Grinding wood: the blades will be responsible for grinding the wood into small particles of sawdust in accordance with the requirements set forth. These blades will be mounted on the batch with a certain principle to make the mill most efficient and easy.

Step 4: Take out the sawdust: The machine uses a conveyor belt to bring the sawdust out by an automatic mechanism through the conveyor belt.

During the operation of the machine will need to use the propulsion system. This unit will help to move and transmit force to accelerate the grinding roller. The moving mill will be responsible for generating the cutting force for the tool tips. Help the machine achieve the required efficiency and capacity.

Wood diameters for pulverizing from the GREEN MECH wood mill are varied
Wood diameters for pulverizing from the GREEN MECH wood mill are varied

Application of wood crusher into sawdust

Finished sawdust created from incense wood crusher will be used a lot in today’s life fields.

  • Using sawdust to produce green energy: some products from sawdust such as wood pellets, Block sawdust pressed wood, D90 firewood …
  • Use sawdust as a base in livestock. They are widely used in animal husbandry. Sawdust products not only have a cleaning effect but also help prevent diseases and reduce harmful bacteria in the barn.
  • Used as embryos in the field of mushroom cultivation, fertilizer for the crop industry. Mushroom embryos using sawdust after use will be used as fertilizer for the crop industry. It will help reduce costs, improve productivity.
  • Used in the construction field such as: application for making ultra-light bricks.
  • Using sawdust to produce pressed wood panels, wooden furniture is used a lot on the market today…
Wood crusher sawdust bar installed in Gia Lai
Wood crusher sawdust bar installed in Gia Lai

Why buy incense wood crusher at GREEN MECH

The reason we recommend buying a machine at a Green Mech unit is because of the following factors:

Green Mech is a leading unit in the field of manufacturing incense wood crushers and other crushers and choppers.

The crusher lines here all possess the most modern technology in grinding wood into sawdust.

The machine uses a hydraulic motor system. As a stable and durable engine line, it helps investors to have less machine maintenance.

Based on user needs and separate product requirements, Green Mech can satisfy all customers.

The promotions and after-sales programs are always the best for customers.

Is a direct manufacturer of the machine. As a result, the price is always the most competitive in the market.

To summarize, we can see that choosing a wood crusher is the most correct decision. And choosing a Green Mech unit will bring the most benefits when buying a machine. If you want to buy a machine, learn about the machine, please call us at: +84 94.110.8888 for the most detailed advice. Or if you are in Hanoi, please visit our office at No. 12 Khuong Dinh, Thuong Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi to discuss directly and in the most details. 

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