3 main advantages and methods of preserving biomass pellet fuel – You must know !!

One of the most popular research topics in the world includes Bioenergy Technology research and development. The new type of fuel is produced by the GREENMECH biomass pellet machine. Following are the three main advantages of tablets for humans

Sawdust pellets have many useful uses
Sawdust pellets have many useful uses

Biomass pellet machine can press different kinds of biomass pellet fuel. According to the classification standards of biomass pellets in Sweden and the EU, the basic parameters such as length diameter, crushing speed, dry water content and ash content of biomass pellets are all characteristics of biomass pellets. biomass pellets.

Three advantages of biomass pellet fuel

1. The calorific value is relatively large, generally about 3900-4800 kcal/kg, and the calorific value after carbonization can reach more than twice;

2. Purity is relatively high. Few other impurities do not generate heat. For stones, cast iron without signs of heat impurities, not heated, enterprises reduce usage costs;

3. It does not contain elements such as sulfur and phosphorus, will not cause corrosion to the boiler, prolong the service life of the boiler, and will not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, greatly reducing tell the occurrence of acid rain and help the environment.

How biomass pellet fuel is stored is also important, watch out for moisture.

What happens when the pellet fuel produced by the GREENMECH biomass pellet machine gets wet?

1. When the biomass pellet fuel gets wet, the first feeling is that the weight becomes larger. Because raw biomass pellet fuels absorb more moisture in the air, resulting in weight gain.

2. After wetting, the biomass pellet fuel will become loose and lack adhesion. Diffusion biomass pellet fuel not only produces a large amount of powder, wastes fuel, but also affects the payload.

3. Effect on combustion. Wet biomass pellet fuels are more likely to coke in the boiler and also generate heat. At the same time, more emissions will be generated, not only wasting resources but also increasing environmental pollution.

Wet biomass pellet fuel not only affects the use, but also causes more serious environmental pollution. Therefore, businesses must do a good job of storing biomass fuel so that biomass fuel does not get wet. It is recommended that businesses do not use biomass fuel directly after it is still wet to avoid unnecessary losses.

The GREENMECH biomass pellet generator is a device that is preferred by most business people. Biomass pellet fuel is a continuation of bioenergy. Do you know the advantages of pellet fuel? For good storage, be careful with moisture!

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