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The outbreak of Covid-19 changed the whole world. All problems of trade, travel, and transportation face certain difficulties. Because of that, people tend to hoard food to solve psychological worries. Despite the state’s call not to accumulate food, the psychological effects still appear to follow the crowd. Therefore, food drying service is chosen by many housewives. And this is considered the optimal solution in food preservation, so it opens up business opportunities for many units.

Freeze-dried fruit
Freeze-dried fruit

The attraction of food drying service

Food drying service has been popular in many countries around the world and has received a strong response. However, it is still quite new in Vietnam. There are only a few units that receive drying services to increase their income, but there are no business units that provide services specifically on a large scale.

However, with the increasing development of life, the need for improvement to increase the quality of life is increasing day by day. When the demand is increasing, the food drying service is increasingly expanding.
Some daily snacks we often encounter such as beef jerky, dried chicken, elderberry, cake, jam, etc. And to make these foods requires specialized equipment. For small-scale production, mini ovens or ovens can be used. However, for large scale, industrial dryers are required to ensure performance.
However, the cost of industrial dryers is quite high, so it is not easy to own it. Especially for those who do not often process dry food, or only dry in batches, according to the season. Therefore, food drying service was born to solve problems related to finished products, and at the same time solve the problem of production costs.
You just need to prepare the ingredients and bring them to the drying oven. All problems about drying technique, finished product quality, drying temperature, drying time, .. will not be bothered. Thus providing the most convenience.

Benefits of food drying service

Food drying services are usually performed at a drying oven or business unit. There is a team of professional staff who will perform the most proficient drying techniques to bring the best quality finished products.
Moreover, a team of technicians who know the process of dry food processing should perform the operations as quickly as possible, thereby bringing unique finished products according to the user’s requirements. For example, they clearly understand which ingredients need to be dried at what temperature and time, thereby minimizing food loss after drying.
The production units have to spend time, effort and electricity to serve the food drying service . However, the benefits obtained from customers are not small and it will bring a relatively high income for you.

Store dried food during covid 19 season – Should or should not?

In the context of complicated developments of covid – 19, limiting gatherings in crowded places is necessary to prevent the risk of spreading to the community. However, it is not for that reason that we dry food in large quantities for storage.
The government is calling for not to hoard food because in this context, it is necessary to distribute food evenly among localities to ensure that no one is short of food.
Therefore, if you dry food for the purpose of preserving food for a longer time to serve the family’s eating needs, it is okay. But if you are drying for the purpose of storing large quantities of food, it is not recommended.

Above is some information about food drying service . Hope to have brought useful information to help you better understand the dry food processing industry. You can visit the website to experience many other interesting information.

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