Food freezing technology – A great choice for businesses

With many outstanding advantages, Food freezing technology is increasingly being selected and used by establishments and enterprises producing and processing dried foods. This method is widely applied in the current food drying process. So what is a food freeze dryer? How does the principle work?
Food heat pump dryer 12 trays mini
Food heat pump dryer 12 trays mini

Food freezing technology – leading the way today

Food freezing technology is a method of using a lower temperature than normal drying temperature to separate water from raw materials to help dry products. It is completely different from the hot air drying mechanism of the thermal dryers.
Drying food at low temperature helps preserve product properties. So the machine is used to dry herbs such as Ganoderma lucidum, dry starches of herbs, cordyceps, pills, ginseng, or dry fruits and vegetables, bird’s nest, …
With the principle that the air with a lot of moisture inside the drying chamber is passed through the cold end. The temperature range of the machine is usually from 10 to 50 degrees Celsius, the humidity of the drying air is from 10% to 30%. Here the condensate goes out, the air will continue to come to the hot end and be adjusted to the temperature you want to blow through the drying material. Compared with a hot air dryer, the time to dry cold only takes from 6 to 8 hours, much faster. At the same time, the cycle is completely closed, only the steam from the escaping material is brought out.
Drying technology of agricultural products in the 4.0 period with a cold dryer

Advantages of freeze drying technology

  • Freeze-drying helps food to be preserved longer, while preserving the nutritional content and texture of the food compared to before drying.
  • Save more than 20 times compared to conventional drying methods thanks to the machine’s fast drying process.
  • With a cool dryer, we can dry many products that a hot dryer cannot do such as greasy food, easy to melt, easy to form films due to heat, etc.
  • Cold dryer helps to ensure food safety and hygiene, without contamination from the outside environment.
  • In addition, the cool dryer also has a fairly long life due to its low temperature operation. More than other traditional drying methods.
Household food dehydrator keeps nutrients and flavor intact
Household food dehydrator keeps nutrients and flavor intact

Food freezing process

Step 1: Prepare food, sort the size
Step 2: Wash the food to be dried
Step 3: Preliminary processing through food such as peeling, separating seeds, slicing.
Step 4: Put the prepared food and arrange it evenly on the drying trays
Step 5: Finish drying, packing.
Step 6: Store and bring the product to market
With the principle of intelligent operation, high standards and many outstanding advantages above, food freeze dryer will surely be the wisest choice for your business.
There are many types of food dryers on the market today. But SUNSAY food dryer is a highly appreciated product from businesses. So what are the outstanding advantages of SUNSAY refrigeration dryer?

What is the principle of freeze drying of the food dryer?

Food freezing technology and modern production process
SUNSAY food dryer and the outstandingness with other models
Help food taste better: By food freezing technology with closed air circulation. Dried products such as meat, fruits and vegetables want to dehydrate the food to reduce moisture. The process of removing that water at the same time helps the flavor of the food to be condensed as well as richer, without losing the freshness and nutritional value of the food. The dishes for the family will become more attractive and new.
Dried foods are all natural and do not contain preservatives: Dry your food safely and no longer have to worry about harmful chemicals.
Cost saving: With the advantages of cold drying technology, it saves electricity, saves time, and costs many times more than conventional heat drying technology.
Reducing the amount of substances and gases released into the environment thanks to advanced freeze-drying technology

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In addition to refrigeration dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: rice dryers, and horizontal dryers, food dryer, sublimation dryers, …

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