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Drying is one of the important steps in food preparation to help individuals and businesses supply food to the market. However, each different type of food and different scale of operations will have different requirements for the drying process. So what is the right solution for you? Come to reputable and quality food dryers on the market for advice and support, ensuring you will choose the product that best suits your needs. Let’s follow along.

SUNSAY Vietnam is the leading supplier of dryers in the market
SUNSAY Vietnam is the leading supplier of dryers in the market
Why should you buy a food dryer?

Each of the different solutions has different advantages and strengths. However, using a quality, suitable and safe food dryer will bring great and practical benefits to users.

Therefore, finding out why you should use a food dryer will help you take the initiative, thereby making accurate decisions in investing in machinery to serve your production activities.

Food dryers saves time

In the past, people used to use manual drying methods to dry food. This method is greatly affected by temperature from the environment, so there is no initiative in production activities, thereby directly affecting the work progress of the producer.
Pineapple dried by food dryer 150 kg to meet export standards
Pineapple dried by food dryer 150 kg to meet export standards
Today, food dryers are born to replace the manual drying method. Users can actively adjust the drying temperature and time to suit different foods, thereby helping the drying process be done quickly.

Food dehydrator saves money

Currently on the market there are many different types of food dryers to meet the diverse needs of users. With prices ranging from 14 to 100 million VND, you can already own a line of food dryers.
However, which product to buy requires careful study and calculation based on actual work to bring the highest efficiency. You can learn about modern dryers with Vietnamese technology. This is a machine with a large capacity, so it can serve the large production needs in production and business establishments and large enterprises.
The initial amount you have to spend to invest is not small, but the value that the product brings is great. When owning a machine, the number of employees participating in labor decreases, labor productivity increases, finished products meet international quality standards.. thereby helping you to earn extremely high profits.
For specific advice on the price of the dryer, and specific planning of costs and profits when investing, go to a reputable food dryer on the market. Thereby you will make the right decision.
Freeze-dried fruit
Freeze-dried fruit

Hygienic food dryer

If the traditional drying method is susceptible to bacterial contamination due to the impact of the environment and humans, the drying method by machine is completely the opposite. It helps food not to catch dust, not to be attacked by flies, so it ensures a clean and safe factor for users.
Especially when the issue of food safety is increasingly focused, using a food dryer is extremely necessary. Quality-assured finished products will gain the trust of users, thereby improving costs and increasing profits for producers.

The food dryer is suitable for many different ingredients

Food dryers help you to dry a variety of foods. From vegetables, tubers, fruits to seafood, medicinal plants,.. This meets the diverse needs of users.
Therefore, if you plan to process food in large quantities and on a large scale, investing in a food dryer is necessary.

Notes when buying a food dryer

First, to own a quality product, it is important that you choose a reputable brand. It will ensure the durability of the product, and at the same time bring high drying efficiency.
Secondly, when buying products, you must pay attention to the origin and origin. Please check the documents to confirm this is a genuine product.
Third, when buying products, they must be based on their food drying needs. From there you will choose the dryer with the appropriate range, temperature, number of trays and capacity.
Fourth, depending on the installation and use space to choose the right size dryer. Installing the machine in the right position will create harmony for the operation, thereby creating more efficiency in work.
Fifth, you need to pay attention to the financial factor. This is an important factor to help you decide which product line to buy.
Moreover, with the closed drying system, the heat is not released to the surrounding environment, thereby causing no environmental pollution. This is the reason why the product is rated as environmentally friendly and is supported by customers.
If you are interested and want to invest and use but do not know where to sell SUNSAY brand food dryers , please contact SUNSAY immediately for advice and support, ensuring you will receive satisfaction.

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In addition to refrigeration dryers,SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: rice dryers, and horizontal dryers, food dryer, sublimation dryers, …

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