Production process of flexible dried vermicelli by cold drying technology

Flexible dried vermicelli is one of the familiar products that many people love. So you wonder how this product is made? Previously, the production process had to go through many different stages to create a product, today with the advent of dryer lines, the product production process becomes much simpler. Learn more about the product through the article below.

Flexible dried vermicelli with cold drying technology SUNSAY
Flexible dried vermicelli with cold drying technology SUNSAY

Why should you use a dryer in the production of flexible dried vermicelli ?

In recent years, Vietnamese businesses tend to use dryers to make dry noodles. The reason is because it brings higher benefits than using the manual drying method. Here are specific reasons to help you understand why you should invest in a dryer in the noodle production process:

Improve productivity

In the past, when using manual methods to dry vermicelli, we had to go through a process with many different stages, from processing to pressing and drying under high temperature. But the erratic rainy and sunny weather will affect the drying of vermicelli and create passivity in production.
Today, the advent of food freeze dryer helps businesses to thoroughly solve the disadvantages of traditional drying methods. With only a short time, but many batches of drying were born, helping enterprises to increase output, thereby meeting the growing demand of the market.

Ensure food safety

Manually drying the vermicelli in the sun still ensures that the vermicelli is dry and flexible if done according to the principles. However, the hygiene factor may not be guaranteed if the noodles are dried in large quantities. Because in the drying process, people cannot limit the penetration of external agents such as dust, flies, flies, wind, etc..
SUNSAY refrigeration dryer

For the method of drying vermicelli by machine, it is different, the vermicelli is preliminarily cleaned and then placed in the drying tray. During the drying process, air is not released to the surrounding environment, and outside agents cannot penetrate into the interior of the drying chamber, thus ensuring hygiene factors.

Food freeze dryer
Food freeze dryer

Bring economic benefits

The price of the vermicelli dryer is not small, so at first, businesses have to build a clear financial plan to be able to own it. Therefore, it creates a lot of anxiety and hesitation for some businesses to invest. However, what you get back after spending the initial investment is not small.
When putting the dryer into the production process, enterprises do not need to use too much manpower, thereby reducing labor costs. In particular, the finished products created after drying ensure quality standards, so they can improve their value, thereby improving the profit level of the business.

Standard process of making flexible vermicelli with SUNSAY technology

In order to ensure that the quality standards are met, you need to follow the following process:

Step 1: Squeeze the vermicelli

Fresh vermicelli usually has a high moisture content of about 35 to 45%, so the vermicelli pressing process needs to be done carefully. In order for the product not to be broken, you need to ensure the right drying power, the right level of wind, especially the right drying time.

Step 2: Arrange the vermicelli on the tray

With 304 stainless steel drying trays to ensure food hygiene and safety, To make the finished product evenly and to ensure aesthetics, you need to arrange the noodles regularly and scientifically on each paper tray. Do not order the quantity of vermicelli too thick or too thin, if it is too thick, the vermicelli cannot be dried, if it is too thin, it will easily burn the vermicelli.
Put the noodle drying trays into the SUNSAY refrigerator and close the door of the drying chamber, start the dryer.

Step 3: Adjust the temperature

Flexible dried vermicelli has quite high requirements compared to drying other products. It requires absolute accuracy in terms of temperature, temperature. If the temperature is right, the smell, taste and color will be preserved. On the contrary, if the temperature is higher than about 40 degrees Celsius, the noodles will become dry and easily broken during transportation. If the temperature is too low, the product will be of poor quality due to unsatisfactory dryness.

Step 4: Packaging the product

When the vermicelli has reached the desired dryness and flexibility, you can take it out of the drying tray. Wait for the product to cool, then it can be packed and shipped to the market. Even though the finished product of dried vermicelli meets quality standards, it still needs to be stored in a dry place.
With only 4 steps above, you can produce quality standard dried vermicelliHowever, not all dryers will bring the desired finished product, because each type of dryer will be suitable for a different type of food. Therefore, before you buy the product, you need to do thorough research. The advice for you is to go to reputable and quality dryer suppliers for advice and support.

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