How to use dried vegetable powder and production method

Dried vegetable powder is no longer strange to consumers in the market. As a product that provides many essential nutrients for the body, if you use it incorrectly, it is easy to cause side effects. So how to use dried vegetable powder? What should be noted?

Dried vegetable powder
Dried vegetable powder

Dried vegetable powders

Freeze-dried vegetable powder is a product made from nature, so it is very diverse. Here are some types of freeze-dried vegetable powder:

  • Freeze – dried gotu kola powder
  • Freeze – dried lettuce powder
  • Freeze – dried perilla powder
  • Freeze – dried pumpkin powder
  • Freeze- dried celery powder
  • Freeze – dried kale powder

In addition, production enterprises are researching and launching more freeze-dried vegetable powder products to meet the market’s demand.

The effects of freeze-dried vegetable powder

Produced by cold drying technology, freeze – dried vegetable powder retains the nutritional value of vegetables. Therefore, vegetable powder has many benefits for the body.

Each type of vegetable powder has different uses and nutritional components. The freeze-dried vegetable powder supports the addition of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the body. And it also depends on how the freeze-dried vegetable powder is used to have specific effects:

  • Freeze – dried vegetable powder is a product rich in antioxidants. Regular consumption of vegetable powders promotes overall health, supports immune function and helps reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  • Freeze – dried vegetable powder also helps to purify the body, promoting the excretion of toxins and waste products from the body.
  • In particular, this is the ideal product for those who want to control excess body fat
  • In addition, using vegetable powder regularly also eliminates bad breath and body odor
  • Using vegetable powder will help you have smooth, youthful skin. With a large content of vitamins, minerals and fiber to help prevent skin aging, fight pigmentation, freckles, strengthen the body’s excretory system, keep skin healthy from the inside, prevent acne and other causes. endocrine-related skin pathologies. This is the reason for the sister association to love freeze-dried vegetable powder products

And depending on the type of vegetable powder and the nutritional composition, it will have different uses. Detail

  • Freeze-dried gotu kola powder has the effect of helping to clear heat and detoxify
  • Chilled lettuce powder helps to treat acne, whiten skin, diuretic, reduce fever, treat constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Freeze – dried perilla powder helps to cure colds, headaches, urticaria, rashes, and waste.
  • Freeze – dried pumpkin powder is good for the cardiovascular system, digestion, and eyes.
  • Freeze – dried celery powder is good for people with high blood pressure, supports weight loss, blood fat, prevents kidney stones and is good for the bone and joint system.
  • Freeze – dried kale powder has the effect of controlling diabetes, preventing asthma, regulating blood pressure, good for skin and hair…
  • Freeze – dried vegetable powder is a product researched and produced under a strict freeze-drying process. So vegetable powder always gives users the best use.

How to use freeze – dried vegetable powder?

Refrigeration dryer with 12 large trays
Refrigeration dryer with 12 large trays
  • Vegetable powder has many different uses for many purposes. Here are some ways to use freeze-dried vegetable powder .
  • Use vegetable powder mixed with yogurt or juice to enhance the taste
  • Used to mix with flour to make cakes to help cakes have more beautiful colors
  • Use mixed with soup, baby food to provide nutrients for children. This is a necessary use when children have not directly eaten and used vegetables.
  • Use freeze-dried vegetable powder as a powder to drink daily.

Production technology of freeze-dried vegetable powder

Freeze – dried vegetable powder is produced by modern and advanced technology. Therefore, it helps to keep the maximum nutritional content of the vegetable powder. So which technology is suitable for this production process.

SUNSAY freeze-drying technology has always been a pioneer in the production of freeze-dried vegetable powder. With superior techniques, international level. SUNSAY made a difference.

SUNSAY refrigeration dryer is equipped with UV light, which helps vegetables to remove residual harmful substances, so the vegetable powder always ensures the highest quality. In addition, the UV lamp also helps to kill harmful bacteria, mold and helps the vegetable powder not to clump during use.

The closed circulation drying process makes a big difference compared to conventional methods. Vegetables that are dried in a closed process will retain their original flavor and nutritional content.

With advanced technology, combined with the right use of freeze-dried vegetable powder, we have created the best products on the market.

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