How to make dried shrimp with SUNSAY freeze-drying technology

Among foods, shrimp is a food rich in nutrients and is preferred by consumers. But fresh shrimp is difficult to preserve, so dried shrimp is a suggestion for those who do not have time to go shopping. Dried shrimp is the right choice for your kitchen. So how to make dried shrimp ? Is there a guarantee of safety? Let’s find out with the article.

Great use of shrimp
Great use of shrimp

Great use of dried shrimp for human health

How to make dried shrimp helps shrimp to be used for a long time and still retain the same uses:

Provides protein, essential protein to nourish cells, maintain the operation of important tissues and organs in the body.

Rich in calcium – the mineral with the highest content in the human body to help develop the bone system.. In addition, it also provides phosphorus for the body… Provides adequate nutrients for the human body.

How to dry shrimp with SUNSAY food dryer

In order to create high quality dried shrimp, the process of making dried shrimp must be strictly observed. Here are the steps to create a delicious and safe dried shrimp product.

Step 1: Choose ingredients

For good quality products, you should choose fresh, even shrimp, medium shrimp, not too big. As big as a thumb, 5-6cm in length is fine.

Step 2: Preliminary processing: Wash the purchased shrimp, cut off the antennae and tail, then soak the shrimp in salt water for about 15 minutes for the shrimp to absorb the salt, then take it out.

Step 3: Boil shrimp: Put shrimp in a pot, add a little water and boil until shrimp is cooked to medium (2-3 minutes). It is okay to see the shrimp turn pink. Note that you should not boil the shrimp for too long, it will lose the delicious taste and nutrients of the shrimp. Then take out the shrimp in a thin basket to quickly drain the water.

Step 4: Dry and peel: After the shrimp have drained, we arrange the shrimp evenly on the tray, taking turns to avoid overlapping. Then put in the dryer., dry at 75-80 degrees for about 2-3 hours.

How to preserve dried shrimp?

Storing dried shrimp is also very important. If you do not know how to properly store dried shrimp, it will cause dried shrimp to become moldy and lose its rich flavor. To preserve the dried shrimp longer and keep the delicious taste and nutrients.

Method 1: Store dried shrimp in the refrigerator.

For dried shrimp in use, it is advisable to divide the dried shrimp into several small parts. Then put it in a plastic bag or a glass jar and put it in the refrigerator so that it can be used every day.

For dried shrimp used for storage, we put the shrimp in a sealed plastic bag and store it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, which can be preserved for 6 months.

Method 2: Preserving shrimp when there is no refrigerator

If the house does not have a refrigerator, you should store dried shrimp in several layers of plastic bags. Then store in a cool, dry place to avoid moldy places. About 1-2 weeks, you should take out the dried shrimp to dry again and then continue to store as above.

How to make dried shrimp with freeze-drying technology
How to make dried shrimp with freeze-drying technology

SUNSAY technology to dry shrimp with quality

Shrimp are dried at a lower temperature than normal drying temperature. The drying temperature range is from 35-65 degrees Celsius, the humidity of the drying air is about 10-30%.

The heat pump has a hot end and a cold end, the hot end provides heat for the drying product, and the cold end is used to dehumidify the drying air.

Freeze drying technology helps the drying speed to be faster because it is very difficult for the drying air to enter the drying chamber, and the quality of dried products is higher due to being dried at a lower temperature. Dried shrimp retains more natural color than conventional heat drying

With SUNSAY technology, it helps to make dried shrimp with high quality and faster productivity.

How to make dried shrimp with SUNSAY freeze-drying technology

What is outstanding about SUNSAY drying technology?

With the technology tested for quality by ISO, SUNSAY is an international quality seafood freeze-drying technology and has outstanding features compared to conventional machines.

  • Products after drying ensure quality in color, taste, nutritional value.
  • The closed process helps to ensure food safety and hygiene and preserves the product for a longer time
  • Save energy => Reduce product cost
  • Save space, area.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean => Reduce effort
  • Reasonable price.

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