Learn how to operate the sawdust wood crusher you need to know

Wood crusher machine for sawdust is one of the most popular machines for woodworking. Sawdust wood crusher helps to liberate human labor, increase labor productivity and create high economic value. This product also has many preeminent features to meet the increasingly diverse needs of users. Especially in industrial production facilities. In today’s article, let’s learn how to operate a wood crusher to produce sawdust. 

Steps to operate a wood crusher to produce sawdust 

Wood processing industry has been developing more and more in modern society. Especially when the needs of users are getting bigger and bigger. In order to bring about fast wood crushing efficiency, sawdust wood crusher products are indispensable for any unit. The sawdust wood crusher is operated extremely flexibly and smoothly because of its very smart design, the machine is operated through the following basic steps:

The stage of putting wood into the machine

This is the first stage and also quite important. All materials will be fed into the machine through the inlet conveyor. Thanks to the hydraulic motor system, the conveyor will move and bring the wood inside. The input materials of the sawdust wood crusher are very diverse: wood, twigs, bark, peeled boards, coconut fiber, paperboard….

Image of the stage of putting wood into the wood crusher to produce sawdust
Image of the stage of putting wood into the wood crusher to produce sawdust

Wood clamping stage

After the materials are put into the machine, they will be clamped and held in place by a system of toothed rollers. This system is operated by a hydraulic motor. The wooden clamps fixed during the grinding process will help the wood stay in place and not be thrown out causing unsafety for users. 

Stage of grinding wood into sawdust

The operation of the wood crusher into sawdust is similar to the operating principle of the sawing machine. The sturdy sharp blades are installed according to a principle to make wood grinding very easy and quick. The wood crushing unit is very modern with a serrated system to help the machine operate efficiently. 

Very modern wood crusher parts for sawdust
Very modern wood crusher parts for sawdust

The stage of transferring sawdust to the outside

Through the conveyor system made of condoms, the sawdust will be brought out very smoothly. Sawdust crusher is operated on modern lines, stages and parts combine very smoothly. The operating mechanism of the machine is fully automatic, the machine is operated through the controller. 

Recommendations when using a wood crusher to produce sawdust

Manufacturers have made a number of recommendations for customers when using this machine to ensure safety as well as increase the durability of the machine. During use, should regularly check the situation of the machine, regularly maintain and lubricate the machine’s parts. Make sure the power to the machine is less interrupted to increase the life of the machine. When the machine encounters problems, problems should be contacted by highly qualified maintenance and repair units to thoroughly fix the problems.

The operator of the sawdust wood crusher should equip himself with the knowledge to ensure safety before using it, and master all the knowledge related to the machine. Wood crushers for sawdust should also be installed in a suitable location, used with reasonable functions, selected input materials with appropriate size. 

Where to buy the best quality sawdust wood crusher

The sawdust wood crusher provided by Green Technology system is a device that can crush a variety of materials. Sawdust produced by the Green Technological plant is the main source of raw materials for energy pellet processing plants, one of which requires very high quality of sawdust. This is also the first choice of many production facilities when there is a need to buy quality sawdust wood crushers.

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