Not everyone knows how to use a fruit dryer effectively

In the modern culinary world, using fruit dryers to preserve and increase the nutritional value of fruits is more popular than ever. The secret to keeping the finished product after drying not only delicious but also retaining the full nutritional value as in the beginning is what many people are looking for. How can a fruit dryer maximize its effectiveness without losing natural flavors and important nutrients during the drying process? The following article will answer this question, providing you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to use a fruit dryer effectively , helping you confidently create delicious and nutritious dried dishes.

Fruit dried with SUNSAY cold dryer
Fruit dried with SUNSAY cold dryer

Great uses of SUNSAY industrial cold dryer

Dry food quickly

Freeze-drying technology provides the ability to effectively separate water from fresh fruits, turning them into delicious and attractive dry snacks. Thanks to this process, the valuable nutrients in the fruit are best preserved, ensuring the natural flavor of the product remains unchanged compared to when it was fresh.

Drying a variety of fruits 

Drying trays made from stainless steel allow processing a variety of fruits, effectively serving businesses with large drying needs. This dryer also supports drying many different types of foods or fruits at the same time, increasing flexibility for the production process. However, the simultaneous drying process needs to be carried out carefully, because each type of food has its own requirements for temperature and drying time.

Replace conventional method 

Sun drying and air drying, as well as using ovens and microwaves, are common methods but are often time-consuming and do not yield the desired product quality.

Instead, the SUNSAY Food heat pump dryer offers a more effective solution, superior in aesthetics and product quality, ensuring dried fruit reaches the desired dryness, deliciousness and nutritional preservation. This makes the SUNSAY freeze dryer an ideal choice for manufacturers and also opens up great investment opportunities for those who are passionate about doing business in the field of fruit drying.

200kg industrial cold dryer can dry a variety of agricultural products and foods
200kg industrial cold dryer can dry a variety of agricultural products and foods

Brings high productivity

SUNSAY industrial freeze dryers bring great benefits in improving production efficiency by significantly reducing the time required for drying, helping businesses save both time and labor energy. With a mesh tray design, the machine ensures uniform temperature distribution, optimizing power consumption.

In addition, with a large drying drum and many drying trays, the SUNSAY freeze dryer allows processing a large amount of products at the same time, thereby meeting the production needs of large-scale businesses, increasing High productivity and optimize production process.

How to use a fruit dryer to increase longevity

  • Check the parts of the dryer : Before starting the drying process, thoroughly check all parts of the machine, from the drying chamber, to the drying tray, to the control panel and motor unit. , all work stably and without any problems.
  • Follow the instructions for use: Reading and closely following the manufacturer’s instructions for use is an important step to ensure the machine operates efficiently and prolongs the life of the device.
The control panel is easy to use with simple hand operations
The control panel is easy to use with simple hand operations
  • Cleaning the machine: In case the machine is completely new and unused, perform a preliminary cleaning with water and dry before use.
  • Prepare and dry fruit: Prepare and process the desired amount of fruit, slice and arrange evenly on the drying tray. Set the appropriate temperature, usually from 50 to 70 degrees Celsius, and drying time based on the type of fruit.
  • Routine maintenance: After drying, clean the dryer to remove dirt and debris, keeping it clean and in good condition. In addition, carry out periodic maintenance at least every 6 months to detect early and promptly fix any technical problems, minimize repair costs and increase the life of the machine.

The secret to drying quality fruits with SUNSAY industrial cold dryer

Optimize drying time

Washing and preparing fruits is the first step that must be taken when performing the drying process. However, how can the drying time be shortened to the maximum? A simple tip for you is to blanch the fruits in water before drying. This helps the water in the fruit evaporate faster, thereby drying faster.

The 40-tray cold dryer has a beautiful design and can dry corn effectively and with high drying capacity
The 40-tray freeze dryer has a beautiful design and can dry fruits and foods effectively and with high drying capacity

Tips to keep finished products fresh

  • Pay attention to the air flow as well as the humidity of the air. These factors are installed appropriately for the fruit to be dried, which will help make the finished product fresher.
  • When placing on trays, keep space between fruits to create better temperature circulation. Avoid stacking too thickly as it will create uneven drying. If stacked far apart, it will take up space and affect the labor productivity of the business.
  • For fruits with high sugar content, it is necessary to dry at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. During the drying process, regularly check the finished product to avoid over-time.

Contact SUNSAY cold dryer consultation

SUNSAY Vietnam cold dryer is always ready to advise and support on drying methods and preservation of food, fruits, agricultural products, and seafood. SUNSAY Refrigerated Dryer offers a completely new solution that saves time, reduces investment costs for users, and brings high economic efficiency. With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Refrigerated Dryer believes that the device This is completely worth investing in and using for a long time, bringing the most optimal results.

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