Sublimation drying technique of medicinal herbs preserves all nutrients

Preserving and optimizing the nutritional value of natural medicinal herbs is always a big challenge today. Medicinal herbs, which are valuable sources of functional foods from nature, are often susceptible to change and loss of quality when not handled properly. Notably, freeze drying technology – a modern and advanced method – has become the leading solution, helping to preserve nutrients and ensure the quality of medicinal herbs throughout the production and preservation process.

In particular, this technology is widely applied to rare medicinal herbs such as cordyceps and lingzhi mushrooms, not only improving their value but also opening up new directions in exploitation and use. sustainable source of natural medicinal herbs. Join us to learn more about the technique of freeze drying medicinal herbs, a significant step forward in the modern pharmaceutical industry.

High quality 30 kg sublimation dryer
High quality 30 kg sublimation dryer

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying, a special process in food preservation, is a water separation method in which water changes from a solid state directly to a gas state without going through the liquid state, thanks to a vacuum environment.

In a vacuum environment and under heating, water in food sublimates from ice to gas without needing to undergo liquid form, allowing the product after drying to retain its shape, color, taste and preservation. nutrients again.

At normal temperatures, water exists in food in liquid form. The freeze drying process requires the water in the food to be converted from liquid to solid through freezing before sublimation, so it is also known as freeze drying.

Freeze drying technology was invented by Jacques-Arsene d’Arsonval, a scientist, in 1906. Since then, this technology has contributed an important step forward to the food industry, bringing Breakthrough in food processing and preservation.

Freeze-dried products have beautiful colors and retain their flavor and structure
Freeze-dried products have beautiful colors and retain their flavor and structure

Operating principle of sublimation drying technology

Sublimation drying technology is considered one of the advanced drying methods, based on the principle of sublimation of water, which is the process of converting water from solid to gas without bypassing the liquid state.

This principle is exploited in freeze drying technology to dry food. The process begins by freezing food at temperatures ranging from -10 to -40 degrees Celsius, to freeze water and moisture in the food. Next, through the sublimation process under vacuum conditions, the frozen water is converted directly into water vapor and then condensed and removed from the system through the refrigeration system. This process is continued until the food reaches the required dryness.

After the drying process is finished, the food is covered with a layer of nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas helps fill in the gaps caused by dehydration, keeping food in its shape and from shrinking or deforming. This makes freeze drying technology a superior choice for food preservation and processing, especially foods that need to retain their shape, color and nutritional value.

Sublimation-dried Cordyceps retains its color and available nutrients
Sublimation-dried Cordyceps retains its color and available nutrients

Sublimation drying technique of medicinal herbs in production

The freeze drying technique in medicinal herb production is a sophisticated and precise process, designed to preserve the nutrients and natural flavors of herbs. This process begins by quickly freezing the medicinal herbs at extremely low temperatures, then applying a vacuum environment to separate the water from the medicinal herbs without heating them. Thanks to that, the water in medicinal herbs changes directly from solid to gas without going through the liquid state, helping to preserve the integrity of the cell structure and not lose valuable active ingredients.

During the drying process, strict control of temperature and pressure is extremely important to achieve optimal drying efficiency without damaging the quality of medicinal herbs. In particular, the process in the sublimation dryer also helps completely remove water and moisture without the need for high temperatures, thereby minimizing the risk of chemical changes or deterioration of medicinal quality due to heat.

Sublimation dried Tibetan Cordyceps
Sublimation dried Tibetan Cordyceps

Freeze drying technology also allows the drying of high-value medicinal herbs such as cordyceps, lingzhi mushrooms and many other herbs without losing their valuable nutritional components. As a result, after drying, the medicinal herbs not only retain their characteristic aroma, color and original shape, but also retain all of the health-beneficial nutrients.

Freeze drying technique is a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical production and preservation industry, helping to improve the quality of medicinal products and opening up new development directions for the pharmaceutical and functional food industries.

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