Sublimation drying of jackfruit – blowing a new breath into modern drying technology

Sublimation drying of jackfruit is one of the methods that many units choose to improve the product quality of jackfruit. Especially when jackfruit is a fruit that is being loved by many people today. If you do not know the information about this drying method, please join us in the article below. All information is clearly presented by us to bring the best knowledge to consumers. 

What is the method of sublimation drying? 

Food drying is no longer a strange concept for many people. Among them, the sublimation drying method is quite well known. However, perhaps not everyone understands what sublimation drying is? What are the characteristics of this drying method?

Freeze-drying is a method of converting water vapor to ice quickly without condensing it back into a liquid. About this working mechanism, the water will not be absorbed back into the food you are drying. Thereby creating the best drying results without losing the nutrients inside. So, do you have any questions about the structure of this machine? 

Structure of the sublimation dryer
Structure of the sublimation dryer

Three main structural parts of jackfruit sublimation dryer 

Sublimation dryers will have many different parts. But they will be synthesized through 3 main parts:

  • Freezing: This is an indispensable part in the first stage of the drying process because if the product is frozen, it is frozen. This is also the part that absorbs the moisture released from the dried product extremely well to help the sublimation process take place better. 
  • Vacuum pump: This is a device to create a vacuum environment for smooth drying. 
  • Heating part: After a vacuum is created, the product is frozen and at this time the resistor will also give heat to the product for the sublimation process to take place. 

What are the advantages of the sublimation drying method of jackfruit?

Jackfruit is one of the fruits with a nose-splitting, sweet aroma with a sweet, easy-to-eat taste. It is also because of this feature that the product is difficult to preserve as well as dry, still having a delicious taste. 

All these worries have been solved by sublimation drying technology. The nutritional components inside the product are almost preserved and not destroyed. The finished product is still crispy and delicious. A remarkable point is that when you soak in water, the product comes out as if it was not dried. 

Image of delicious dried jackfruit with a sublimation dryer
Image of delicious dried jackfruit with a sublimation dryer

Combined with vacuum bag pressing method to prolong the use time. The preservation process also becomes simpler, just leave it at room temperature, the quality will not change. With easier storage, this dried food has brought many advantages to users. At the same time, you will also be able to dry in large quantities without worrying too much about the preservation and quality of dried jackfruit.

Using this method should help customers save a lot of money. With a variety in capacity, it is suitable for many business units from large to small scale. You can choose large capacity dryers to dry jackfruit in large quantities and achieve the highest productivity.

Which unit provides the best quality products in Vietnam?

Sublimation drying is known by many users, so there are fake fakes on the market. Customers need to learn carefully about the supplier to choose the best product. 

SUNSAY provides quality jackfruit sublimation dryer, good price
SUNSAY provides quality jackfruit sublimation dryer, good price

SUNSAY is the brand that we want to mention to our customers. It is not natural that this brand has won the trust of thousands of consumers in Vietnam. For many years of operation, the company has continuously improved, improved product quality and met increasingly strict requirements of customers. When you buy a sublimation dryer to dry jackfruit at SUNSAY Vietnam, there are: 

  • Has a long-term warranty to help users save a lot of costs
  • Products are diverse in size and capacity
  • The price is extremely affordable, suitable for many families’ economic conditions
  • All machine details are extremely professional and sharp by hand.
Industrial Sublimation Dryer
Industrial Sublimation Dryer

We always want to bring our customers the best quality jackfruit dryer products with good prices on the market. Because of that, over the years, we have always tried to meet the different requirements of users with products with diverse capacities. With only the basics for you, surely customers will also consider SUNSAY to be the best choice. Contact us immediately via hotline +84 94.110.8888 for direct advice.  

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