Sublimation-dried coffee is still delicious?

Is sublimation dried coffee used a lot? Are their flavors intact? This is one of the most concerned issues today because coffee must have a new unique aroma and attract users. This problem also causes headaches for many units making dried coffee, instant coffee, …. All these questions will be answered through the article below, follow along. 

Is sublimation drying technology as good as rumors? 

Sublimation drying technology has now become extremely familiar to many users. It is applied in many production activities with different advantages. Accordingly, users can use sublimation drying technology to dry a variety of foods, including sublimated dried coffee.

Almost all types of dried coffee, instant coffee, … today are made by sublimation drying method. With modern dehydration technology, it will help preserve foods for a longer time. Besides, it is also convenient to pack and transport but still ensure the original taste. This is considered a modern drying method, saving time and bringing great efficiency and quality.

What is sublimation drying technology?

Sublimation drying is the process of drying frozen foods under vacuum conditions. Sufficient heating will cause the water inside the food to evaporate while the wind will bring the moisture into the drying chamber and out. Sublimation drying technology since its introduction on the market has been highly appreciated and favored by many users.

Sublimation dryer pictures
Sublimation dryer pictures

With the drying process taking place like this, it will help to completely separate the water from the food, making them more convenient during storage and transportation. In it, the nutrients will be kept as they were. Thanks to that, when enjoying coffee, you can still feel the distinctive delicious flavors even though the coffee has been sublimated.

How are the 3 steps of sublimation drying?

The actual sublimation drying processes are carried out with extremely modern steps and in a professional manner. According to research, freeze drying will include 3 steps:

  • Step 1: In this step, it will take from 6 to 8 hours for the freezer to freeze the coffee. If you want to save time, first put the product in a quick freezer and then put it in the dryer. 
  • Step 2: In this step, a vacuum pump will be used to create an environment to suck all the air inside the drying chamber. Then the resistor will increase the heat so that the ice sublimes into steam. In this chamber, the highest temperature can be up to 200 degrees Celsius. The goal is to ensure that it will condense into the table as soon as steam enters this chamber. 
  • Step 3: For the sublimation process to take place completely, the high temperature is up to 70 degrees Celsius to take out all the warmth that is still deep in the coffee. This process will be repeated continuously until the water evaporates. 

Advantages when choosing coffee sublimation drying method

It is no coincidence that many people today prefer to use the sublimation drying method to dry coffee. Sublimation-dried coffee offers many advantages when used. This method is preferred by many coffee producers because: 

Sublimation dried coffee
Sublimation dried coffee
  • Remove all the steam inside the coffee
  • The aroma of coffee is still used
  • Coffee taste is still strong
  • After making instant coffee will achieve class in taste
  • More cost-effective in purchase price as well as easy maintenance
  • Extend the shelf life of coffee
  • Diversified capacity suitable for business scale of many units 

How is the structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer?

Currently,  the sublimation dryer  with SUNSAY brand has been 100% successfully manufactured by Green Technology Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, meeting most of the needs of domestic and foreign customers.
Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer

Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer:

✅ Vacuum pressure tank

✅ Heating unit for the product when it is frozen, pumped and heated for the product to perform the sublimation drying process.

✅ Deep negative refrigeration system to freeze the product and keep the water vaporized from the product when it is sublimated.

✅ Vacuum pump ensures a vacuum environment during the drying process.

✅ Electrical system controls the sublimation drying process.

Industrial Sublimation Dryer
Industrial Sublimation Dryer

SUNSAY – a unit specializing in providing the best quality sublimation coffee dryer

As a wise consumer, you need to choose a reputable unit to buy products. Come to SUNSAY to choose the best product for yourself. Not only providing diverse products with different large and small capacities will give users the most optimal choice. 

With modern technology applied to the dryers provided at the unit, we are committed to bringing you a product with modern technology, quick drying time and meeting a large amount of coffee drying. . Moreover, the quality of sublimated dried coffee is also guaranteed for every unit to help you have the most delicious finished products. For detailed information about sublimation dryer products as well as advice on related issues, please call our hotline +84 94.110.8888 or our official website we 

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