Distinguishing sublimation drying and vacuum drying is simple and easy to understand

Sublimation drying and vacuum drying are two methods of food drying that are being used most recently because of the many different benefits that these two methods bring. However, there are still many readers who cannot distinguish these two effective drying methods. Please join us in analyzing and distinguishing two methods of sublimation and vacuum drying in the article below.

What is the vacuum drying method?

Vacuum drying can be understood simply as food will be dried in a near-vacuum environment. In fact, the drying medium is almost vacuum because creating a true vacuum (without air) is an extremely difficult and impossible thing to do.

In this near-vacuum environment, the pressure of the air is extremely low, this leads to the water not boiling and evaporating at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius but much lower, about 30-40 degrees is water. begins to boil and transforms into steam. With such a low temperature, when dried fruits or foods still retain their cell structure and morphology, they do not change too much, and still retain the extremely characteristic flavor of each food. . 

This drying method is relatively new to the food processing industry, however the quality it carries is extremely high and is expected to become the most used drying method.

Vacuum Dryer
Vacuum Dryer

Sublimation drying method

Different from the vacuum drying method, the sublimation drying method is still quite new to many of us. Sublimation drying method applies the principle of sublimation of solids (ice will transform directly into steam without changing to a liquid state).

The freeze-drying method has two main processes. First, the food will be put in the freezer at a fairly cold temperature, about -30 degrees Celsius to freeze. This process is to be able to transform food as well as steam into a solid state to be able to move on to the second process.

The second step of the sublimation drying method is the vacuum drying method above. Therefore, many of us often confuse these two methods with each other quite a lot. Food after being frozen will be placed in a vacuum dryer, the moisture that is in the solid state will immediately turn into a gas and the food will be dried, but its quality will remain extremely. Good.

Reconstitute the freeze-dried product
Reconstitute the freeze-dried product

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As described above, we already know the benefits to using as well as how to distinguish these two methods of food drying. The current vacuum as well as sublimation dryers have not appeared much in Vietnam, but you can still choose to buy these dryers at SUNSAY Vietnam system.

SUNSAY Industrial Sublimation Dryer
SUNSAY Industrial Sublimation Dryer

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