Instructions on how to preserve medicinal herbs without mold

Medicinal herbs are one of the natural materials used in the preparation of medicines. However, it is extremely important to preserve medicinal herbs so that they do not get moldy, or change substances. In today’s article, we will show you how to store herbs safely and effectively.

Why is it important to store medicinal herbs properly?

Proper storage of medicinal herbs will help the shelf life of this product be longer without worrying about them being toxic or mutating. So what are the reasons for the need to store medicinal herbs properly? Here are some causes for this condition.

Air humidity affects product quality

In case you store medicinal herbs in an environment with too high air humidity, this is one of the reasons why the medicinal herbs are easily damaged or moldy. Therefore, you need to choose an environment to store medicinal herbs appropriately, the appropriate temperature to preserve these types of products is 25 degrees Celsius. loss of essential oils and fats in the product.

Herbal dryers are becoming more and more popular
Herbal dryers are becoming more and more popular

Insects and bacteria that affect product quality

In the process of preserving medicinal herbs, allowing bacteria and insects to penetrate will affect the quality of the product. Therefore, from the very beginning, you need to conduct prevention right before storing and preserving. 

In addition, during storage, you also need to check regularly, if any insects are detected, you need to clean the day to avoid affecting the quality of the product. In addition, you also need to conduct prevention and control of termites for storage of medicinal herbs.

How to properly store herbs. quality assurance

In order not to affect the quality of the medicinal herbs, it is best to carry out the methods of preserving the medicinal herbs from the day they are put into the warehouse.

The most commonly used method of preserving medicinal herbs today is:

  • All medicinal herbs should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated place. 
  • It is necessary to distinguish and store each medicinal herb in a separate bag and box to avoid confusion.
  • Periodically check the quality of inventory to promptly detect damaged medicinal herbs. Avoid using products that have shown signs of damage, causing great harm to health.
  • Use the right temperature for the best way to preserve medicinal herbs.

In addition to the above basic preservation methods, the issue of preliminary processing before being put into storage also plays an extremely important role. Currently, many methods are used to prepare and dry medicinal herbs. In particular, the use of food dryers is being applied the most today.

Introducing high quality SUNSAY refrigeration dryer

Before applying standard ways to preserve medicinal herbs, they will preliminarily process them and then dry them. The drying of medicinal herbs will help the shelf life of the product be longer.

High quality dried medicinal herbs by SUNSAY dryer
High quality dried medicinal herbs by SUNSAY dryer

Currently, SUNSAY food dryers are being sought after by many customers because of their many outstanding features. Thanks to the SUNSAY dryer, the ways to preserve medicinal herbs become much simpler and easier to implement. To choose to buy products, call us immediately via hotline; +84 941108888 .

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