How to choose high quality cement silo

How to choose silos without cement plays an increasingly important role because they will affect the quality of our cement storage. To choose a quality silo, many different factors need to be considered. Join us to the article below to learn more about this issue.

Instructions on how to choose a quality cement silo

In order for a project to achieve the desired quality, you need to choose the best cement silo to ensure that the cement properties are intact. We have a lot of different factors to consider such as:


The size of the cement silo, also known as its capacity, means the amount of cement that can be contained in one silo. Being able to meet the diverse needs of customers, currently on the market, the capacity of syrup is very diverse from 40 tons to 5 tons. Depending on the actual storage needs and customers will choose for themselves the appropriate product.

Choosing silos with too large a size will cause waste as well as cost. Choose the volume of the silo to suit your field to avoid reducing operational efficiency.

Choose a large cement silo to store a lot
Choose a large cement silo to store a lot

See if there are any special requirements for the silo?

Depending on the material as well as the project is special or not and we will consider which type of silo to choose. Silos are considered the best when they ensure a smooth discharge of the material in the silo. This will avoid clumping or being hindered in the working process.

Consider filter bag quality

When choosing a dust filter bag, customers also need to consider the quality of the bag. It is recommended to choose bags with a denser density as these will generally have higher quality and longer shelf life.

It is advisable to choose bags of good quality because they will not be easily deformed during use. During long-term use, there will often be a lot of dirt accumulated in the dust filter bag. So with a large amount of dust, the bag will not keep its original shape.

When the bags are deformed, they will adversely affect the normal operation of the silo. On the other hand, it also destroys the structure of the dust filter bag, thereby releasing dust into the environment causing pollution.

Installation of cement silos
Installation of cement silos

Compatible with other devices

Customers should choose standard and universal silo equipment that can be easily combined with other equipment during production and use. The easy-to-use process will make it easier for workers to grasp and perform better.

These cement silos are sure to be very easy to install as well as maintain. You will not need experts in the field and only someone with a little understanding can fix it.

Outstanding advantages of Cement silo

In addition to the factors to note above to choose a quality cement silo, customers also need to pay attention to the following advantages:

  • The welds on the cement silo are made from MIG welding machines to ensure tightness, prevent air from entering, have high durability, good aesthetics with skilled workers.
  • The body ensures even roundness due to being rotated on a dedicated cyclone machine
  • Choose a product with an effective dust filter system designed in environmentally friendly stainless steel.
  • Silo should be painted three layers with 2 layers of color paint and 1 layer of anti-rust, this will ensure the quality as well as the length of the paint to reach from 90µm.
  • The product has a modern design with a support base, saving floor space.
  • With a high capacity to meet the requirements of each customer
  • Minimize labor costs
  • You did not need to build traditional storage space and cost.
  • The quality of the cement is well preserved because there is a drying fan system inside.

Why choose to buy cement silo of GREEN TECHNOLOGY?

Cement silos manufactured by GREEN TECHNOLOGY are designed to be easily disassembled, easily transported by containers. Cement silo is also used to store other powdery materials such as fly ash, sand, dry mortar, …. When shopping here, customers also enjoy:

Close-up of the cement silo of Green Industry
Close-up of the cement silo of Green Industry
  • Quick reply on customer’s cement silo manufacturing request within 24 hours.
  • Our technical staff will install and operate as well as guide until customers use it proficiently.
  • Covered for 12 months with design, fabrication and manufacturing damages covered free of charge.
  • We will also send spare parts and repair parts to the customer as soon as possible if we receive the request.

All detailed information about cement silo products are publicly available at, please visit immediately and consult the necessary information. You can also call us at hotline +84 94.110.8888 for direct advice.

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