Technological process of processing dried mango

The technological process of processing dried mangoes  with a SUNSAY cold dryer is not too difficult if you can understand the basic technical process of how to process dried mangoes. However, if you process dried mangoes on an industrial scale, with an average capacity of 500 kg per day, up to several tons or tens of tons, you need to know the technical process of processing dried mangoes.

Mangoes are dried by cold drying technology
Mangoes are dried by cold drying technology

Why is it necessary to have a technological process for processing dried mango?

In order for the dried mango products to be delicious after processing and keep the highest quality as well as to meet the standards of food safety and hygiene, the standards in the field of exporting dried mangoes, each The stage must be carried out exactly according to the requirements in the technological process of processing dried mango.

Through this article, SUNSAY Refrigeration Machine will provide you with the secrets to process delicious and export-standard dried mangoes with high economic value.

Basic steps in the technological process of processing dried mango

Step 1: Select ingredients to use to process dried mango

Raw materials for processing dried mango when imported normally will not be 100% guaranteed to meet the quality requirements stated in the technical process. Because mango is an agricultural product with a low shelf life, it is easy to spoil. In addition, ripe mangoes when harvested may vary in degree of ripeness. It is necessary to screen out mangoes that have not reached the required ripeness or have shown signs of spoilage.

The purpose of the selection of raw materials used to process dried mango is to create a uniformity in quality, color, flavor and deliciousness of dried mango after processing. This helps the dried mango to be produced to ensure the best aesthetic and high price when exporting.

Step 2. Process the ingredients by washing and slicing the mango

  • Mangoes are treated by using water to clean dirt such as soil, sand and microorganisms that adhere to the skin, helping dried mangoes to ensure the best food hygiene and safety.
  • Mangoes are peeled, peeled and sliced ​​into pieces 5-10 mm thick, seeds removed. The size of the mango piece is not too thin or too thick to help increase the contact of the material with the drying agent, reduce the time as well as shape the product.

Step 3: Blanching mango inhibits enzyme activity

  • The mango stage helps the microbial activity to be inhibited and halted.
  • The way to need mango is to dip the mango in warm water with a temperature of about > 60 degrees Celsius for 3 to 4 minutes.
Dried mangoes are arranged on the tray of the SUNSAY dryer
Dried mangoes are arranged on the tray of the SUNSAY dryer

Step 4: Taste for the product

  • Adjusting the taste of dried mango products is the stage to help the taste be more uniform and delicious. In addition, the flavor also helps to increase the shelf life of dried mango products.
  • The process of adjusting the taste of dried mango products is done by soaking mangoes in a 3-5% sugar solution and stored in cold storage.
  • After the adjustment time, mango slices are taken out and about to be placed on a tray to dry before being dried.

Step 5: Processing process of dried mango by SUNSAY cold dryer

Proceed to arrange mango slices on each drying tray of SUNSAY refrigerator. It is important to pay attention to how to arrange the dried mangoes not to overlap each other, hindering the heat exchange process and dehumidifying as well as circulating the air so that the mangoes can be dried as quickly as possible.

Drying room industrial refrigeration dryer system SUNSAY
Drying room industrial refrigeration dryer system SUNSAY

The mango drying temperature on the SUNSAY freeze dryer is customized from 20 to 65 degrees Celsius, the drying time depends on the technical requirements for processing dried mango. The drying time and moisture loss are well controlled by the intelligent control process on the SUNSAY refrigeration dryer to ensure that the dried mango products are delicious and retain the same flavor and color.

Step 6: Pack and label dried mango

Dried mangoes are usually sized and packaged in bags of 50 to 500g each. Exported products are usually packed with larger sizes and weights, which can be from 10 to 20 kg per unit. The packaging stage can use a specialized packaging machine for dried mango. Products before being released to the market are stamped with the brand label that you are building or required by partners.

For SUNSAY freeze-dried mango technology, you can use the word “cold-dried mango” to distinguish it from other traditional hot drying methods to help customers easily identify product quality and improve product quality. the selling value of your brand.

SUNSAY freeze dryer uses dried mango

In the process of processing dried mango to meet the quality requirements and export standards, in addition to mango raw materials and the processing technology of dried mango, the freeze dryer is a very important drying device. SUNSAY Refrigeration Machine is the leading supplier of equipment and process for processing dried mango in Vietnam. We are committed to being ready to accompany you from the preparation stage to the operation stage and also for a long time when the factory goes into production.

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