The answer to the question of how much is the price of a sublimation dryer on the market today?

To produce finished products that are quality dried agricultural products, seafood or medicinal herbs, it is necessary to have a modern drying method, one of the most widely used technologies today is sublimation drying.

Sublimation dryers have many advantages to help bring drying products of good quality, safety, hygiene and long-term preservation. Let’s learn about the technology and price of the sublimation dryer in the article below.

Sublimation dried mushrooms
Sublimation dried mushrooms

What is sublimation drying?

Sublimation drying is the process of separating water from a product from a solid (freezing) to a vapor under conditions of low temperature and pressure, below the triple point of O (0.0098oC; 4.58mmHg), ie heat temperature below the crystallization point of moisture in the product (Tkt < 0oC, pressure below 4.58 mmHg).

As a result, the product after drying almost retains the original natural quality of the raw materials: proteins are not denatured and hydrolysed, glucid is not gelatinized, lipids are not oxidized, vitamins and active ingredients. biological is not destroyed, color and taste do not change, fiber and minerals are preserved, etc.

The product has a porous structure, especially when immersed in water, it will revert back to its original state, which other methods cannot do.

Thanks to the above advantages, people often apply sublimation drying to dry high-class products such as royal jelly, cordyceps mushrooms, bird’s nests, reishi mushrooms, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc. biological products…

Sublimation drying technology allows to preserve rare vitamins, enzymes and biological active ingredients, preserve the quality of raw materials, etc., while still bringing high economic value to the manufacturer.

How much does a sublimation dryer cost?

How to make dried fruit
How to make dried fruit

Sublimation dryers are being used by many processing facilities

The process of using a sublimation dryer

The freeze-drying method is considered one of the most complex drying methods today. To be able to use the dryer properly, to produce the best product, it is necessary to learn the process of using the machine in the most clear way.

Most dryers go through the following stages:

  • Prepare ingredients and cut them into slices suitable for drying.
  • Quick freezing at a suitable low temperature, can be from -30 to -50 degrees Celsius.
  • Then put the raw materials and vacuum chamber. At this time, the ice crystals present in the food will sublimate without going through the liquefaction stage.
  • Carry out secondary drying to evaporate residual moisture. At this point, adjust the temperature gradually. The moisture content in the raw materials is about 1-4%.
  • Finished product collection and vacuum packaging, preventing moisture and oxidation.
Shrimp dried by sublimation dryer
Shrimp dried by sublimation dryer

What are the advantages of sublimation dryers compared to other types of dryers?

Besides the current popular drying technologies such as cold drying, hot drying, vacuum drying, etc., sublimation drying is increasingly becoming a popular method, widely used in many facilities producing dried products. .

Sublimation dryer has the following advantages:

  • Products after going through the drying process ensure good quality. The nutrients, color, and flavor of the product are almost kept intact.
  • After being sublimated, the product has a soft porosity. Can return to original state if immersed in water.
  • Has a long shelf life if stored at the right temperature and placed in a vacuum bag.
  • Sublimation dryer can be used to dry multi-materials, product quality is always guaranteed.
  • Doesn’t cost much to maintain.

With these advantages, sublimation dryers have been widely used. However, it is necessary to consider the price of a sublimation dryer to decide whether to buy it or not.

What is the price of a sublimation dryer on the market today?

With the drying process taking longer than usual, the drying method is considered to be the most complex of the methods used today. The price of sublimation dryer is quite expensive compared to other types of dryer. In addition, the time for sublimation drying for fruit, medicinal, food or other products must last from 20 to 40 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to consider carefully when deciding to buy a sublimation dryer.

Instead of buying a sublimation dryer , you can consider choosing other types of machines that use other technologies such as heat pump dryers, refrigeration dryers, etc. These types of dryers first bring their own advantages and produce results. equally good quality. Especially in cold-drying technology, SUNSAY’s freeze-drying products have good quality, reasonable prices and dedicated and attentive customer service.

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Refrigeration dryer, heat pump dryer, sublimation dryer, vacuum dryer

Sublimation dryer SUNSAY
Sublimation dryer SUNSAY

With high quality and reasonable price, the sublimation dryer is the first choice

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