What is a sublimation dryer? What advantages attract customers?

The product sublimation dryer has high applicability, suitable for all families and businesses. Users no longer have difficulty in drying or freezing foods for home use. But what are the specific advantages of this product? Why are more and more people now preferring to use sublimation drying method instead of traditional drying? Go to the article below to know more information about this product. 

What is a sublimation dryer? 

Freeze-drying, also known as freeze-drying, is one of the most commonly used terms in recent years. When saying that, housewives will know that this is a machine used to dry vegetable or fruit foods, …. This type of dryer has so far been more and more popular and used by more and more users. 

Sublimation dryer is actually known as the process of drying food after it has undergone freezing in a vacuum. In this condition, when we start to increase the temperature, the water will “sublime” into a solid state like a solid and immediately turn into a gas. 

Sublimation dryer SUNSAY
Sublimation dryer SUNSAY

In general, this process results in the product being evaporated quickly while maintaining the characteristics of color, taste and nutrients. That’s why food-drying units will love it. 

How is the structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer?

Currently,  the sublimation dryer  with SUNSAY brand has been 100% successfully manufactured by Green Technology Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, meeting most of the needs of domestic and foreign customers.
Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer

Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer:

✅ Vacuum pressure tank

✅ Heating unit for the product when it is frozen, pumped and heated for the product to perform the sublimation drying process.

✅ Deep negative refrigeration system to freeze the product and keep the water vaporized from the product when it is sublimated.

✅ Vacuum pump ensures a vacuum environment during the drying process.

✅ Electrical system controls the sublimation drying process.

Why is the sublimation dryer so popular?

Sublimation dryer products are highly appreciated by customers for their quality when used for many reasons. It possesses outstanding advantages compared to other dryers on the market and gives users quality finished products. Only when understanding the advantages of this machine can customers evaluate whether this product is good as well as make a decision to buy or not. Here are a few highlights that we’ve gathered over the years: 

Preserve the nutrients of food when drying 

When drying, are the nutrients still in the food, especially the vegetables, still there? – is the issue that users care the most. When dried, only the hard shell remains without nutrients, we should not use it. 

The problem of no nutrients or short-term preservation is common in traditional drying methods such as sun drying, etc. With a sublimation dryer, you no longer have to worry because it remains in the product. So that users can rest assured to use and supplement nutrients as well as vitamins necessary for the body.

When drying, the nutrients in the food are still preserved
When drying, the nutrients in the food are still preserved

With sublimation dryer technology, the content of nutrients as well as active ingredients will be retained up to 97%. This is just a reference number because there are some foods that are 100% preserved in the dryer. However, it can be said that this is an extremely impressive number for a dried food. 

Preserves shape and color

When using a sublimation dryer, it will help you keep the color and taste inside the product. During the transition from solid state to relativistic state, the shape will not change too much. Still beautiful, aesthetic can be sold on the market. Because of that, it contributes to adding value to the product, helping manufacturers sell at a higher price. 

Longer storage time than traditional methods 

The shelf life of foods is always a problem that causes many people a headache. This teaching method will help reduce the moisture content inside the food to less than 5%. This is an extremely impressive number as well as extremely harsh conditions in which almost no species of bacteria grow easily. The storage problem has been solved so you can supply your products all year long without worrying about spoilage. 

Where should I choose to buy a sublimation dryer?

Where to buy a sublimation dryer at a competitive price is one thing that many people wonder when choosing to buy this product. Because of the good price, guaranteed quality will bring satisfaction to customers and save money. SUNSAY Vietnam is the address where you can find and buy industrial sublimation dryers to use for your company’s dried food production.

With the advantages that we mentioned, surely customers want to choose to buy quality products. Come to the website https://maysaythanghoa.vn/ to choose the most suitable machine for you. Customers can also call the hotline +84 94.110.8888 for advice. 

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