Current status and solutions for optimizing equipment in the agricultural product processing industry

In the context of a globalized economy and increasing requirements for quality and production efficiency, the agricultural product processing industry is facing great challenges in optimizing production processes and usage. use equipment. Facing fierce competition and increasing demands from consumers, applying advanced technology and optimizing equipment in the processing process has become an indispensable requirement.

This article will address the current situation of the agricultural product processing industry and offer solutions to optimize agricultural product processing industry equipment , aiming to improve production efficiency and ensure quality. product quality and meet the increasing demands of the market.

Modern technology cold dryer
Modern technology cold dryer

Current situation in the agricultural product processing industry

The agricultural product processing industry plays an important role in transforming and adding value to agricultural products, thereby meeting the increasing demand of the market. However, in recent times, this industry has faced many challenges, especially in terms of device optimization.

  • Lack of investment in modern equipment: A big challenge is that many businesses have not focused on investing in upgrading equipment and applying new technology. The consequence is the continued use of old, ineffective equipment, causing the production process to not achieve optimal results.
  • Wasted energy and increased costs: Outdated equipment often consumes energy inefficiently, causing significant waste and increased production costs. This situation not only causes economic loss but also has a negative impact on the environment.
Dried straw mushrooms still retain their nutritional content and inherent sweetness
Dried straw mushrooms still retain their nutritional content and inherent sweetness
  • Environmental pollution problem: Using old equipment and lacking proper waste treatment solutions leads to environmental pollution, seriously affecting the health of the community and the balance of the ecosystem. .
  • Increased competition: Competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, requiring businesses to constantly seek solutions to optimize production processes, improve product quality and reduce costs, in order to maintain competitive advantage in the market.

To cope with these challenges, updating new technology, optimizing processes and applying environmental protection measures are important steps to help the agricultural processing industry develop sustainably.

Equipment optimization solutions in the agricultural processing industry

Applying new technology: Priority should be given to investing in new equipment and technology such as automation and remote monitoring. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) helps accurately monitor and control the production process, thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

  • Improve employee skills: Training and managing employees to effectively use high-tech equipment is a key factor. Make sure employees understand how to operate new machines and effective waste disposal processes to protect the environment.
  • Optimize production processes: Applying methods such as lean manufacturing to reduce waste and increase productivity is an effective way to improve production processes.
Drying a variety of ingredients
Drying a variety of ingredients
  • Use renewable energy: Redirect energy use from renewable sources such as sun, wind, and biomass to reduce energy consumption and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Technology development cooperation: Cooperation with research organizations and technology partners will expand opportunities to access new technology solutions and innovation in production, contributing to improving production efficiency. production and sustainability of the agricultural processing industry.

Refer to addresses providing quality agricultural drying equipment

In the context of the constantly developing agricultural industry, the need for high-quality drying equipment is becoming increasingly urgent to improve the efficiency of processing and preserving agricultural products. However, choosing a reputable and reliable supplier of agricultural drying equipment is not easy.

SUNSAY, one of the leading providers of advanced agricultural drying solutions, is an address not to be missed. With many years of experience in the industrial sector, SUNSAY is proud to provide high quality products and services, designed and manufactured according to the most rigorous standards.

When visiting SUNSAY, you will discover a range of agricultural dryer products from cold dryers to thermal dryers and high-tech drying systems, helping to optimize the production process, save energy and ensure Ensure product quality after drying.

Customers are very satisfied with the cold dryer and the dried product
Customers are very satisfied with the cold dryer and the dried product

Furthermore, SUNSAY always prioritizes customer benefits, committed to bringing absolute satisfaction and trust from customers. SUNSAY’s professional and experienced staff will support you with advice, answer questions and help you find the drying equipment that best suits your production requirements and financial capabilities.

Choosing SUNSAY, you not only receive quality products, but also enjoy excellent after-sales service, warranty and reliable technical support. The reputable and quality address for agricultural drying equipment is SUNSAY, where you can experience the difference and class in each product.

The advantages of three popular types of dryers today: freeze dryer, food dryer, and sublimation dryer

SUNSAY cold dryer

  • The first advantage of fruit freeze-drying technology is that it retains the natural color of the fruit. This is considered an outstanding advantage that makes this technology very popular. The color of the fruit after freeze-drying is considered to be the same as the color of fresh fruit.
  • Another very important advantage of fruit freeze-drying technology is that it helps retain the full nutritional value of the fruit. This has overcome many people’s concerns about eating dried fruit that it no longer has nutritional value and that the substances are lost when over-dried.
The refrigerated dryer has an easy-to-use control panel with simple hand
The refrigerated dryer has an easy-to-use control panel with simple hand
  • Freeze-drying technology helps fruits retain a certain softness after drying and their nutritional ingredients are absolutely retained.
  • One of the other advantages of cold drying technology is that the drying time is quite fast, equivalent to drying using heat drying technology but with higher efficiency.
  • Freeze drying technology is rated to have a fruit drying ability equivalent to 99% compared to heat drying technology.

SUNSAY 3D wind convection food dryer

 Food heat pump dryer can be used to process a variety of foods, so your family can choose this model to meet this need. Instead of having to buy many types of specialized dryers, a food dryer will help solve the problem fastest.

Food dryers are not only used for homes, but this line of dryers can also be used for businesses and production establishments. Therefore, you can rest assured when choosing a drying device with multiple uses on the market.

The food dryer uses 3D wind convection drying technology
The food dryer uses 3D wind convection drying technology

Food dryers  are designed with diverse features that can be combined, thereby saving significant costs for users. In addition, it is also optimized to limit power consumption. You can flexibly dry the necessary foods without having to buy from supermarkets or outside stores.

A big advantage of a family food dryer is that it can retain the nutritional content of food no less than specialized machines. Specifically, for many types of ingredients, it still preserves its natural color, flavor and characteristic nutrients after the drying process. This is an advantage that not all dryer lines can bring to users.

SUNSAY Sublimation Dryer – Drying products retain their original structure

  • SUNSAY freeze dryer uses advanced technology to dry food. The drying process is carried out in an environment with low temperature and pressure.
  • After freezing, the product is put into a vacuum environment to remove water and maintain the product’s structure. Therefore, the dried product is dried but still retains the product’s color, shape and nutrition.
  • The product is not contaminated and has low water concentration (1-3%), little bacteria and is easy to preserve.
Freeze-dried products have beautiful colors and retain their flavor and structure
Freeze-dried products have beautiful colors and retain their flavor and structure

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SUNSAY freeze dryer is a product researched and designed by engineers with more than 15 years of experience in Vietnam with the mission of improving the value of processing and preserving Vietnamese agricultural products as well as contributing to solving the problem of Post-processing accounting of Vietnam’s agricultural industry.

SUNSAY dryer offers a completely new solution that saves time, reduces investment costs for users, improves productivity, and brings high economic efficiency. With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that this device is completely worth investing in and using for a long time to bring the most optimal results.

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