3 reasons to choose SUNSAY convection heat dryer as a food preservation solution

Nowadays, dried food has become an indispensable part of many people’s diets, because of the convenience and unique flavor it brings. However, the process of producing dried food using traditional methods such as sun drying is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also not very effective. Therefore, businesses have turned to using food dryers, a modern solution that helps optimize the production process.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the operating principle and highlight 3 reasons to choose a convection dryer , a device that is favored by many manufacturers because of its ability to significantly improve quality. dried products.

How to make dried labels with their skins on with high quality SUNSAY dryers
How to make dried labels with their skins on with high quality SUNSAY dryers

SUNSAY air convection heat dryer

An air convection heat dryer is a type of equipment that dries food or other materials using hot air blown through a fan system. In this dryer, hot air is generated from a heat source, then this air is blown evenly throughout the drying chamber to ensure uniform and stable temperature distribution, thereby helping the product dry quickly and evenly. .

Operating principle of thermal dryer

Thermal dryers are designed to dry food using high temperatures, causing the water in the food to evaporate quickly. Its mechanism of action is based on the use of evenly distributed hot air, which increases the surrounding air temperature and causes water molecules to overcome the attraction of other molecules, changing from liquid to vapor. A special feature of this drying oven is the integration of a small fan, similar to a hydraulic turbine, using the potential energy of the water flow to motivate the fan.

This air circulation makes the dehydration process quick and efficient, while minimizing unevenness in product drying. Air convection heat dryers are often widely used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agriculture, because of their ability to dry quickly, save energy and maintain good product quality.

Inside the fan there is a small motor permanently installed. When the motor is powered, it will rotate with the fan blade. Thanks to the centrifugal motion of the fan blades, air is sucked in through small holes in the drying cabinet shell. The drying oven also has the ability to adjust air flow through two modes: weak and strong, allowing control of air speed by changing the rotation speed of the motor. This is easily done by adjusting the amount of energy supplied to the motor. If low power is supplied, the motor rotates slowly, reducing air entering the machine, while increasing power will cause the motor to speed up, drawing more air into the machine, thereby increasing drying efficiency.

3 reasons to choose a convection dryer

Can dry many different types of foods and ingredients

 Food heat pump dryer thermal dryers are becoming increasingly popular and essential in the food and agricultural product processing industries, because of the effective and convenient drying capabilities it brings to businesses and producers. These drying cabinets are designed to process a wide range of foods from pork, chicken, beef, to seafood such as shrimp and fish. In addition, they are also widely applied in drying other agricultural products such as potatoes, corn and cassava.

The 15-tray convection dryer has a beautiful design
The 15-tray convection dryer has a beautiful design

In particular, convection heat dryers also play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry, where they are used to dry herbs, traditional medicines and other medicinal materials. This flexibility not only helps optimize the production process but also ensures the quality of the product after drying, preserving flavor, color and important nutritional or pharmacological properties. Thanks to that, thermal drying ovens have become an indispensable solution in today’s modern industries.

Higher quality of finished products

Inside the machine, there are ventilation holes on the body wall, allowing the convection fan to distribute hot air evenly throughout the food trays. This process keeps food in constant contact with hot air, ensuring the drying process is carried out evenly. Drying cabinets operate on the principle of drawing air from the outside through the combustion chamber to heat it, then blowing this hot air throughout the space inside the cabinet, finally collecting steam from the food and pushing it out.

Different from conventional agricultural dryers that use high temperatures that can damage food and lose nutrients, modern thermal dryers help dehydrate quickly while preserving shape and quality. of raw materials. Thanks to this, the quality of the final product is not only guaranteed in terms of appearance but also retains its nutritional value, meeting both quality and market demand.

Fruit dried with SUNSAY cold dryer
Fruit dried with SUNSAY cold dryer

Ensure food hygiene, easy to use

To ensure product quality, all food needs to be thoroughly cleaned before being put into the heat dryer. This process not only helps remove impurities but also ensures hygiene and safety throughout the drying process. After the drying batch is completed, the product will be packaged immediately and ready to supply to the market. Applying such a closed process not only helps to minimize the penetration of the outside environment into food but also ensures absolute food safety and hygiene, thereby enhancing product value and quality. manufacturer’s reputation.

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SUNSAY freeze dryer is a product researched and designed by engineers with more than 15 years of experience in Vietnam with the mission of improving the value of processing and preserving Vietnamese agricultural products as well as contributing to solving the problem of Post-processing accounting of Vietnam’s agricultural industry.

SUNSAY dryer offers a completely new solution that saves time, reduces investment costs for users, improves productivity, and brings high economic efficiency. With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that this device is completely worth investing in and using for a long time to bring the most optimal results.

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