Improve food product quality with a 200kg industrial freeze dryer

Agricultural products and food are an essential foundation in each of our daily lives. To address the challenges of efficient production, storage and distribution, the industry is hungry for optimal solutions to improve product quality and efficiency.

Industrial freeze dryers with the capacity to handle 200kg become an effective solution for large capacity drying businesses, designed to improve production and preservation processes. Discovering the 200kg industrial freeze dryer will open a deeper insight into the benefits it brings to the agricultural and food sector.

200kg industrial cold dryer can dry a variety of agricultural products and foods
200kg industrial freeze dryer for large businesses

What is a 200kg industrial freeze dryer?

The 200kg industrial freeze dryer offers an efficient and flexible solution for drying a wide range of foods, from fruits to vegetables, thanks to the use of high-grade 304 stainless steel for the exterior structure, frame, fan and drying tray. This design not only ensures that it meets strict requirements for food hygiene and safety, but also enhances durability and reliability in production.

Not only does it preserve the nutritional value and natural flavor of food, industrial freeze dryers also help save significant energy and improve production processes. A superior choice for businesses in the food and functional food sectors, especially in Phu Tho and surrounding areas, this dryer is especially effective thanks to its low temperature operation, from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius. This helps dry food gently, preserving the highest flavor, nutritional value and quality in a closed, air-circulating environment, optimizing energy savings and Protect nutrition in products.

Industrial freeze dryers dry a variety of materials and foods
Industrial freeze dryers dry a variety of materials and foods

Technical specifications of 200kg industrial freeze dryer

  • Huge capacity: cold dryer for processing large quantities of products
  • Flexible adjustment: drying temperature automatically adjusts from 25-55 degrees Celsius
  • Anti-shrink PP plastic tray: ensures regularity and efficiency in the drying process
  • Work strong: companion tray for flexibility and productivity
  • Support trolley: easily move and support the tray during use
  • Spacious drying chamber: large size for maximum efficiency
  • Safe material: 304 stainless steel ensures hygiene and safety for the food industry
  • Intelligent automatic control: save time and increase drying efficiency
The machine was installed for customers in Phu Tho to dry algae
The machine was installed for customers in Phu Tho to dry algae

Advantages of 200kg industrial freeze dryer

 Food heat pump dryer is not only efficient and convenient in drying, but also stands out with significant benefits. This unique freeze drying technology significantly shortens drying time, providing superior performance compared to traditional dryers. The highlight is the ability to keep dried ingredients directly in the machine, creating convenience equivalent to storing in cold storage, helping to save space and effort in moving products.

The drying temperature is strictly controlled, ensuring safety and preserving the natural color and quality of the raw materials. The temperature set not too high also helps avoid loss of quality and flavor of the product, preserving the freshness and nutritional value of the finished product.

The closed circulating air convection system in the machine is a key factor, limiting the release of odors and preventing outside air from entering the drying process, making the drying environment safe and clean, not harmful to human health. external environment, while maintaining hygiene and quality of dried products.

SUNSAY freeze dryer is not only a conventional drying equipment but also brings outstanding benefits such as saving drying time, the ability to handle a variety of materials, and outstanding preservation efficiency. Furthermore, the closed air circulation system ensures the drying process is safe, without affecting the surrounding environment.

Application of 200 kg cold dryer

The 200 kg freeze dryer is not only an effective drying solution but also meets the drying needs of many different types of agricultural products. Below are some types of products that the 200 kg freeze dryer can process:

  • Fruit: drying fruits such as pineapple, banana, apple, pear, orange, tangerine, kiwi, strawberry, plum, pomegranate, helps preserve flavor, nutrients and prolong shelf life.
  • Vegetables: drying vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, chili, potatoes, cabbage, chayote, okra, helps remove water, retains nutritional content and increases preservation time.
  • Seeds and shelled seeds: drying seeds such as cashews, chestnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, lotus seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, helps dry and preserve quality.
  • Processed foods: drying processed foods such as meat, fish, shrimp, chicken breast, liver, intestines, helps remove water and preserve flavor and quality.
  • Frozen products: drying frozen products such as ice cream, frozen sugarcane juice, frozen fruits, cakes, helps dry and preserve quality.

Contact for quote and consultation

SUNSAY freeze dryer is a product researched and designed by engineers with more than 15 years of experience in Vietnam with the mission of improving the value of processing and preserving Vietnamese agricultural products as well as contributing to solving the problem of Post-processing accounting of Vietnam’s agricultural industry.

SUNSAY dryer offers a completely new solution that saves time, reduces investment costs for users, improves productivity, and brings high economic efficiency. With a reasonable price, SUNSAY Vietnam believes that this device is completely worth investing in and using for a long time to bring the most optimal results.

For detailed advice, please visit the website: or immediately contact Hotline (Zalo): +84 935.995.035 or switchboard number: +84 94.110.8888 for support.

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