Review of mini rotary drum dryer

Mini rotary drum dryer has small size and capacity, so it is very suitable for small production households. The machine is chosen by many tea and herbal businesses to copy and dry materials. This is also a product that brings a lot of advantages and benefits to users, especially business households and production facilities. Please read the information in this article to know more about the product.

Structure of mini rotary drum dryer

There are many people who use rotary drum dryers in production activities. However, not everyone understands the structure of this product. Basically, small-sized rotary drum dryer models have a simple structure, similar to the large industrial rotary drum dryer. With the main part, the rotating barrel is placed right on the firm support, ensuring that during the copying and drying process, there is no shaking phenomenon.

Rotary drum dryers are now widely used in the market
Rotary drum dryers are now widely used in the market

The inside of the bomb is made from high-grade cast iron material, with the advantage of good heat retention. Thereby helping to save the drying process of raw materials, optimizing profits for users. Inside the rotary drum dryer is fitted with a dehumidifying fan. During the operation of the machine, steam from materials such as leaves, herbs, etc. will evaporate and will be sucked and pushed out. This limits the phenomenon of water stagnation inside the bomb and then dripping down to wet the material.

Advantages of mini rotary drum dryer

The outstanding advantages of rotary drum dryer have helped this product increasingly receive the favor of users. Many users now appreciate the product’s productivity as well as its time and cost optimization. This is also one of the reasons why rotary drum dryers are more and more popular in the market. Specifically, there are the following advantages.

Ease of use, optimum productivity

Small rotary drum dryer using household electricity. Therefore, users do not need to worry about electrical wiring, easy and convenient for any user, including women or the elderly.

During operation, rotating the barrel of the mini bomb dryer rotates evenly, so the drying materials inside are automatically rotated and mixed without the need for manual labor. The whole process of copying and mixing for the machine system to work will ensure the quality of the finished product is uniform, as well as freeing up human labor.

The continuous rotary drum dryer is composed of many different parts
Rotary drum dryer is safe and convenient to use

Overcoming the effects of the weather outside

The climate in our country makes the sun and rain change continuously, it is easy to affect the drying materials if the manual method is applied as before. That’s not to mention the workers take a lot of effort to display and collect to run in the rain and run in the sun.

“My family has been producing tea since my grandparents’ life. Every time it rains, everyone has to rush to collect and store them to avoid getting wet. After the rain stops, they can’t be dried again because the yard is full of water. Sometimes when it rains, the whole family can’t collect leaves in time, so they all get wet, which greatly affects the quality of the product as well as the family’s income” – Ms. Ha, a customer who uses a mini rotary dryer shall.

It is easy to see that, with the application of modern machinery in work, production households will no longer have to “lose sleep and eat” because of stories like Ha’s. Sunny days as well as rainy days, just put the materials to be dried into the machine, start the necessary functions and wait, we have a very quality output.

Where to buy top quality mini rotary drum dryer

Currently in the market, SUNSAY Vietnam is one of the familiar choices of customers across the country in providing all kinds of industrial – agricultural drying machines and solutions. The products of mini rotary drum dryer, batch drum dryer of SUNSAY brand are genuine manufactured, high quality materials, machinery is imported from abroad, so it ensures stable and durable operation.

SUNSAY provides quality rotary drum dryer
SUNSAY provides quality rotary drum dryer

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to mini rotary drum dryer, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: frefrigeration dryers, rice dryers, food dryer, and horizontal dryers, sublimation dryers, …

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