Revealing a very simple recipe to make delicious bacon with the right taste

Making delicious bacon is a topic that many women are interested in. For a long time, it has become a familiar dish for Vietnamese people because of its new, easy-to-eat flavor that suits many people’s taste. This is also a dish that has a lot of different nutritional values ​​and helps you have a diverse menu, supplementing with many essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

The bacon fever has emerged, making many people want to make this dish by themselves for their loved ones and family. Business units now also have a need to produce and supply more bacon to consumers to meet the needs of the market. Therefore, the following article will reveal to you a very simple recipe for making delicious bacon with the right taste.

Very simple bacon recipe

Making bacon actually doesn’t take too long. The method is not too complicated, but you also need to pay attention to some basic steps to be able to create a delicious bacon dish, with a rich flavor and the most beautiful color. Here are the steps to make bacon you can refer to when preparing this food.

Step 1: Prepare and prepare ingredients

Choose meat with a balanced ratio of lean fat and fat because it will make it feel more delicious when processed. Note that the meat must be fresh, the new dish will be fragrant and have a beautiful color. Next, remove the smell of meat by blanching in boiling water and rinsing with cold water.

Step 2: Marinate the meat

Mix the ingredients including table salt, sailz poker salt, sugar, garlic powder, ginger powder, ground pepper, nutmeg powder according to the taste of each family. If you want the meat to be more fragrant, you can add thyme leaves or chopped coriander leaves to marinate.

Bacon product after finishing
Bacon product after finishing

Step 3: Process with a bacon machine

Place the marinated meat in the bacon maker and select the appropriate mode according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Because each model will have a difference in temperature and time, you need to pay close attention and flexibly adjust the time to have a delicious bacon right away.

Should I make bacon by machine?

Currently, there are many methods of making delicious, nutritious and cheap bacon that people share on social networks. So should we make bacon by machine or not? This is still a question that many people are interested in today.

High quality bacon products
High quality bacon products

The answer will depend on each person’s needs. Specifically, if you have a business intention, machines will be the most optimal choice, both saving time and ensuring food hygiene and safety, for high productivity. Using machines also helps you to create the most delicious and quality foods.

With features such as drying, smoking according to modern principles to help food cook evenly, with beautiful colors. In addition, the device also has the ability to create color thanks to its smoke-emitting properties, making the dish color very attractive. This is the advantage when you use the machine bacon method.

Moreover, if you do not have time to process or are not good at cooking, choosing to buy and use a bacon maker will be much faster and more convenient. The device is optimized for all automatic features, so it saves time, just a few steps can be processed and produced delicious finished products.

Where to buy a reputable bacon maker?

Bacon has become a dish chosen by many people because of its convenience, suitable for use anywhere, anytime. Therefore, consumer demand has stimulated the purchase of bacon making machines.

Food smoke machine works stably
Food smoke machine works stably

SUNSAY Vietnam with more than 10 years of operation in the field is always confident to take the lead in supplying and distributing the most advanced machinery and equipment to the market, especially smoke machines. Above all, we are always committed to the quality and durability of the device. Coming to SUNSAY, customers will be assured of the return policy, warranty,…

Our bacon making technology is always appreciated by engineers and experts for its perfection with extremely competitive pricesmake bacon. Customers will also be advised on products with suitable capacity and quality to meet the requirements and scale of the business unit.

To experience the very simple and delicious bacon making service with equipment from SUNSAY Vietnam, please contact hotline 094.110.8888. We will advise and help you find the best bacon machine on the market and help you save maximum costs when using the company’s bacon machine.

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