Answer the question how much does an ice cube machine cost?

How much is the ice cube machine cost is a question that many business owners are interested in. Currently, many beverage shops and cafes are opening a lot across the country, such cafes need ice machines to have cold and clean ice for customers. The question that many people ask is the price of ice cube machines. Let’s learn about the price and application of this very useful ice machine.

How much does the ice machine cost?

The first question of customers when referring to a regular ice machine  will be the price of this machine. Depending on the capacity, use and brand of the machine, there will be different prices, but in general, the price of the ice machine is stable and cheap. Prices range from a few million to several tens of millions. Maybe many investors will hesitate a bit about the price, but when it comes to the use of the ice machine, the benefits it brings are completely worth it.

The price of a 10 ton ice machine is VND 735,000
The price of a 10 ton ice machine is VND 735,000

Uses and benefits of ice cube machines

It is not by chance that ice cube machine products are favored by many business units on the market today. In fact, this product gives users a lot of advantages and practical benefits. It also helps you to create ice faster, simplify the process, and ensure the quality of ice cubes is better than making ice cubes in the traditional way. Specifically, the ice machine has the following uses.

Quickly generate ice cubes

As a technical product, the production speed of stones is very fast. Ice cubes are generated in a fast time, without delaying the time of those waiting. In a modern fast life like now, the speed of this machine is also a strong point to be able to shop and use for many different purposes.

Ice cubes are created with good quality, ensuring hygiene

One of the most important things about food is to ensure food hygiene and safety today. The ice cubes are created in a closed cycle that ensures the hygiene of the machine. These stones will be hygienic because the ice maker does not secrete substances that are harmful to humans. Just the water put into the original machine is clean water, the ice maker will create for you pure ice for the user.

The stones created are all hygienic
The stones created are all hygienic

In the past, in refrigerators or freezers, making ice released CFCs and many other substances collectively known as ODS- Ozone corrosive. These substances are extremely dangerous for our atmosphere. But for these ice machines, this substance has been completely eliminated. Buyers and users will also not indirectly pollute the environment, contributing to green protection for the earth.

Benefits of the ice cube machine

As mentioned above, users will have ice cubes quickly to use for many purposes such as cooling food, putting in beverage, beer, coffee, etc. It does not take much time to create. because they have an ice maker to take care of it. The stones will definitely be clean stones, ensuring food hygiene and safety for everyone.

Parts of the ice cube machine

Some of the main parts of an ice machine are as follows: high pressure tank, cooling condenser, expansion valve, refrigeration compressor, ice cube machine, ice cube machine, liquid separator. These are the main equipment of the ice machine, and some other parts are not as important as the above equipment. It can be seen that the machine has many devices, but they combine to create a harmonious whole, which is this ice maker.

Ice maker water filter
Ice maker water filter

Where can I buy an ice maker?

With the practical uses and benefits of the ice machine, you can find these machines at the Green Technology supply system nationwide. Green Technology will bring you the best ice machines at the best prices. Our products have been used by thousands of customers and highly appreciated for their effectiveness.

The variety of products as well as the versatility that the product brings will surely make you satisfied from the first use. Not only that, the price of the product is also extremely competitive compared to other companies. Customers can contact the hotline +84 941108888 or visit the website for the earliest advice.

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