Will the fresh banana powder dryer create a “super product” for the market?

Fresh banana powder dryer is still too strange for consumers in the market. But after a short time of launch, this machine quickly dominated the market because of its super-high drying ability. Not only that, this product also has many different outstanding advantages to meet different requirements of users. Follow us to the article below to get more information for you. 

What is fresh banana powder dryer?

Fresh banana powder dryer is currently a product line that is being favored by many people. This is a product of the line of food fruit dryers specialized for crispy or flexible drying. This is a necessary product for the processing industries of dry, candy, and jam, which saves time and effort but still ensures food hygiene and safety. 

Currently, this product line is receiving a lot of love from users, especially for production and business establishments. This product is used a lot in the market because it gives users a lot of benefits. Not only that, the fresh banana powder dryer also has a very competitive price and is provided a lot, so users also have more choices.

Image of sublimation dryer at SUNSAY
Image of sublimation dryer at SUNSAY

What are the notable benefits of this product line? 

Fresh banana powder dryer is chosen by many people because it brings many benefits. This is considered a versatile product that can build all kinds of vegetables, medicinal herbs, agricultural products, meat and fish, …. From there, customers realize remarkable benefits such as: 

  • Helps to save time and cost of drying
  • High productivity suitable for all sizes of businesses from large to small 
  • Make sure to keep the sweetness of the banana, all the nutrients are still up to 97%. 
  • There are two extremely convenient drying and drying mechanisms
  • 100% food safety assurance 
  • Fresh banana powder dryer helps users to be more active even if the weather is bad. 

With these benefits, fresh banana powder dryer is the best choice for every user in modern society. Of course, you also need to find a quality dryer supplier to be able to find the best product and have the most durable use.

How is the structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer?

Currently, the sublimation dryer  with SUNSAY brand has been 100% successfully manufactured by Green Technology Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, meeting most of the needs of domestic and foreign customers.
Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer

Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer:

✅ Vacuum pressure tank

✅ Heating unit for the product when it is frozen, pumped and heated for the product to perform the sublimation drying process.

✅ Deep negative refrigeration system to freeze the product and keep the water vaporized from the product when it is sublimated.

✅ Vacuum pump ensures a vacuum environment during the drying process.

✅ Electrical system controls the sublimation drying process.

Outstanding advantages that the fresh banana powder dryer line brings

Too much research and production time, this product line is optimal in both design and usability. Since then, it has brought the best user experience. Specifically, when using a fresh banana powder dryer, you can get the following advantages and benefits.

Good bearing capacity, durable because it is made of high quality stainless steel 

All parts of this dryer are made of high quality stainless steel. Regarding the properties of stainless steel, customers can know that it ensures food hygiene and safety and is durable over time. With a good shine, cleaning also becomes easier. 

Fresh banana powder dryer is made 100% from high-grade 304 stainless steel, durable
Fresh banana powder dryer is made 100% from high-grade 304 stainless steel, durable

Use more conveniently with modern remotes 

The control panel is equipped with many basic features such as adjusting the time, drying temperature, on, off, …. Therefore, this machine is used for many different foods. 

Stable temperature is ensured through the thermal sensing system 

The drying temperature will be ensured at a stable level thanks to the sensor system installed right inside of the body. When the temperature reaches the set level, the machine will automatically turn off and turn on again when the temperature is lower than the allowed level. This is also the reason why the product can save a lot of energy. 

Heat bar reaches high capacity 

Equipped with this type of high-powered heater will help heat up faster and produce hot steam to dry food. Combined with that is a 360-degree rotational cooling fan system to ensure that all sides of the food are quickly dried evenly. 

Image of bananas after being dried with a fresh banana powder dryer
Image of bananas after being dried with a fresh banana powder dryer

Where should I buy this product line? 

With the advantages we mentioned, surely customers are very eager to find a reputable unit to buy goods and we also would like to introduce. SUNSAY Vietnam is the leading prestigious address providing fresh banana powder dryer products in particular, the dryer lines in general meet different requirements of users. This is also an address with many years of experience, so customers can rest assured when choosing.

Owning a variety of product lines at affordable prices is the advantage that many customers appreciate. Because of that, SUNSAY also resonates in the industry. For direct advice, please call the hotline 094.110.8888

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