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Drying is an important method in the field of food processing and preservation. So which food drying technology best suits your production needs? Follow through the article below to get the answer.Natural food drying technology

The most popular food drying technologies on the market today
The most popular food drying technologies on the market today

This method uses natural energy such as sunlight and wind to dry food. Therefore, it does not consume electricity, so it saves production costs for dry food processing facilities.

However, this method does not adjust the drying temperature as well as the desired wind speed. Therefore, it is not possible to create quality finished products to reach the difficult market.

Sublimation drying technology

This method uses a dehydration technique to dry the product. Therefore, it brings outstanding advantages to the dried product. Specifically, the color, smell, taste and nutritional value are kept the same as at the beginning, for some foods, they also bring more porosity and deliciousness due to being soaked in water for a long time.

This food drying technology is applied in many industries. The Vietnamese market also has a number of investment enterprises, but the investment cost for equipment is high, and the process of technology transfer is still difficult.

Air circulation drying technology

This method is simply understood as blowing hot air directly at atmospheric pressure into the food to be dried. This technology has the same drying principle as the natural drying method, but the drying efficiency is higher, the air flow and temperature are more uniform, thereby helping to shorten the drying time.

This method is mainly used for the production of drugs, hard herbs or traditional medicines.

Food drying technologies

This method is the use of a heat pump system and an auxiliary heater to adjust the drying temperature to suit the food to be dried. The principle of this technology is to make the new heated air enter the drying chamber.

The outstanding feature of this food drying technology is that it uses the principle of moisture separation to dry the product, so whether the temperature is low or high, the product is still dried. Therefore, the finished product is more eye-catching, the color is fresher, and the nutritional quality is also high.

Cold food drying technology

This is the most advanced and modern technology on the market, so businesses choose a lot. With the principle of using dry air at low temperature from 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, it affects food, thereby helping food to dry faster and without changing properties, colors and flavors.

Advanced and modern food drying technology

Refrigeration dryers are designed with a heat pump in the drying chamber. Depending on the capacity of different machines will correspond to different heat pumps. The feature of this machine is that it has two hot and cold ends, the hot end is used to provide heat for the food to be dried, the cold end is used to separate the moisture from the air. That’s why cold dryers are also called heat pump dryers.

The outstanding advantage of this drying technology is the fast drying speed due to the high degree of airflow introduced into the drying chamber. The drying quality ensures the quality standard because the drying temperature is lower than the normal temperature. The drying air is at a dry level, so the food is not stewed or steamed, thus keeping its color better than heat drying technology.

In particular, cold drying technology saves more energy than conventional drying methods, 1kw can separate about 3 kg of water. While the 1kw heat drying method separates 1.2 kg of water.

Where to buy drying equipment to ensure prestige and quality?

Currently, there are many units providing drying equipment on the market. So where is the reputable and quality unit to bring customers the best machine lines at the cheapest price?

SUNSAY is the most prestigious food drying technology on the market that you should not ignore. With more than 15 years of experience in the market in the field of electronic components and exporting to the Japanese market, Europe should meet all the different needs of businesses.

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