Price of fish dryer machine

Dried fish is an extremely famous specialty in Vietnam. It can be said that anyone who has tasted this dish will never forget it. Currently on the market there are many types of dried fish. These can be mentioned as dried fish, dried tuna, dried mackerel, dried snakehead fish, … And to ensure quality, the traditional methods have been gradually replaced by industrial dryers. So what is the price of the fish dryer on the market? Let’s find out with the article!

Price of fish dryer machine
Price of fish dryer machine

Is a fish dryer really necessary?

In addition to having to spend a lot of time drying in the sun. It is both labor intensive and depends on many weather factors… Then with the fish dryer, every stage is optimized for time. Bringing great convenience to the production industry and the price of the fish drying machine is also suitable and not too expensive.

Moreover, the fish is dried in the dryer to ensure absolute food hygiene and safety. Because this is a closed and high heat drying technology. Completely remove harmful agents such as dust, dirt, flies, cockroaches, fungi.

When using a fish dryer, it promises to produce an even and beautiful finished product, keeping the natural flavor and not losing the nutritional composition of the fish. Along with that is the energy-saving mode, saving production costs and modern integrated features.

Currently, one dryer can combine drying many different types of products. Rely on separate drying trays and optionally adjust the temperature.

Mini drying machine, quotation of mini drying machine in HCM

Refrigeration dryer with 12 large trays
Refrigeration dryer with 12 large trays

Is it easy to dry fish with a dryer?

Step 1: Preparation: Choose arbitrary types, pay attention to choose fresh fish to ensure the most delicious product.

Step 2: Preliminary processing of fish: Wash, remove fish gills, fish intestines. If the fish is large, you should cut it into medium slices. For small fish like anchovies, you should dry them whole.

Step 3: Add seasoning (optional): Normally, before drying, fish will be added sugar, salt and chili to create spiciness and increase the flavor of the fish.

For the purpose of creating a product that retains its originality, you can skip this step

Step 4: Dry with a fish dryer: Put the fish in the machine (pay attention to arrange evenly, avoid too thick or too thin) and turn on the start button.

(For this step, we should adjust the temperature to the most suitable. Depending on the size of the fish, the size of the fish and the toughness of the fish meat.)

For the above reasons, dried fish dryers are now sold very well in the market with many different prices.

30 tray industrial refrigeration dryer
30 tray industrial refrigeration dryer

Why is there a difference in the prices of different types of dryers?

There are many different reasons for the price difference in the market. Here are some reasons for the difference in the price of fish dryers :

The quality of the product is always a measure of the price of that product. High-quality dryers provide high-yield, long-lasting and damage-free production.

Well-known brands will cost more than small brands. Because these brands always guarantee better production technology and design than small production units.

Product model also partly affects the difference in price of dried fish dryer .

Due to many differences in the market, leading to many customers wanting cheap and buying poor quality dryers has led to many unnecessary consequences. Therefore, customers should choose reputable brands with good quality.

Refrigeration dryer with Japanese technology dries a variety of products – SUNSAY

Dried fish dryer prices vary due to product quality

How are dried fish dryers sold in the market?

With the necessity of the drying machine, the fish dryer is being sold very well in the market today. There are many places that sell cheap dryers, but not all of them have genuine dryers. If you don’t learn carefully, you may end up buying fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods that don’t bring the brand to the product, just don’t meet the quality, and cause harm to users…

Therefore, you should choose a reputable place in the market to buy a reasonable price and quality standard. A suggestion for you is a line of reputable quality dryers that are Japanese technology SUNSAY dryers.

SUNSAY technology freeze dryer drying a variety of products – SUNSAY

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In addition to refrigeration dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: rice dryers, and horizontal dryers, food dryer, sublimation dryers, …

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