Dried vegetables and unexpected benefits

Dried vegetables have more flavors and shapes than fresh vegetables, stimulating the taste buds from adults to children. Moreover, dried vegetables still retain almost all the nutrients and calories in vegetables. Every day, you only need to load a small amount of dried vegetables into the body to ensure adequate fiber supply for your body.

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Unexpected benefits of dried vegetables

People think that canned and dried vegetables have less nutritional content compared to fresh vegetables. But surprisingly, according to studies that show the opposite, let’s see the unexpected benefits of dried vegetables below:

Dried vegetables are now used more and more
Dried vegetables are now used more and more

In terms of quality: nutrients are not only not lost but also kept intact because the dried and packaged vegetables are carefully selected for both time and quality. Dried vegetables also help the body reduce the risk of diseases and strengthen the immune system.

  • The taste, after drying, is not bland, but has a darker or sweeter taste than fresh vegetables due to the mechanism of reducing water in vegetables and condensing other ingredients.
  • In terms of energy, dried vegetables retain the inherent energy of fresh vegetables because drying only loses the amount of water in vegetables.
  • In addition to eating directly, we can also process dried vegetables such as stir-fry, cook, stew.
  • The most convenient advantage of dried fruits and vegetables is that they are easy to store and carry anywhere.

In general, using dried vegetables gives users a lot of practical benefits and can be processed into many different dishes. This type of food will save you time and effort when processing and can be preserved for a long time. Moreover, the nutritional values ​​​​that this food brings also ensure that users can be assured of the safety of their health when used.

Drying – a popular method of processing vegetables

Currently, we can keep dry products for a long time with modern drying technology, avoiding contact with oxygen, light and high temperature… in order to keep quality, taste, color. natural color. Store food longer than usual without affecting quality.

Drying vegetables by sublimation drying method
Drying vegetables by sublimation drying method
  • Drying vegetables with a vegetable dryer will avoid the loss of nutrients during the drying process compared to the traditional method. Due to the traditional method of temperature passivation.
  • Drying with a dryer helps us save time, can align the time reasonably without having to watch the product.
  • Simple to use, not complicated with a specific control panel, does not require high technology.
  • Currently, there are many models with diverse models and capacities to suit the tastes of each customer group.

In general, the methods of drying vegetables, especially drying by machine, give users a lot of advantages. This method not only saves time and costs, but also helps you improve productivity and achieve the best business efficiency for large production facilities. Families can also use it to make their own dried vegetables for the whole family without having to worry about food quality.

Where is the best place to buy a fruit and vegetable dryer?

Currently, the user’s demand for dryers is increasing day by day. This requires more and more suppliers to meet the actual requirements of customers. SUNSAY Vietnam is a long-standing and famous brand in the field of producing vegetable dryers.

Drying vegetables by sublimation drying method
Drying vegetables by sublimation drying method
  • SUNSAY dryer applies 3D wind convection technology, this is a line of dryers that achieves high drying capacity, suitable for drying vegetables and fruits.
  • The SUNSAY dryer design is simple, easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring good food safety.
  • The operating mechanism of the SUNSAY dryer does not adversely affect the environment, SUNSAY Vietnam also has product lines using clean energy.
  • SUNSAY dryer is the choice of many consumers because of its reasonable price because SUNSAY Vietnam is directly manufactured, not through intermediaries.

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to sublimation dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: refrigeration dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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