The great uses of dried cabbage that you should not ignore

Dried cabbage is a type of dry food that is extremely convenient and brings good nutritional value to health. Not only can it be used to prepare delicious dishes, it is also used in oriental medicine to prepare medicines. Follow the article below to learn about how to make dried cabbage.

Uses of dried cabbage

Cabbage is no longer a strange food for many people. This type of food has many uses for health and is widely used in life. It is often used in families to prepare a variety of dishes. In addition to fresh cabbage, dried cabbage is also a food that many families choose. It can be preserved for a longer time, ensuring food safety and keeping its nutritional value when used. Specifically, the use of dried cabbage is as follows:

Used to prepare dishes: Dried cabbage can be used all year round thanks to being preserved by the drying method. Thanks to this, you can prepare a variety of dishes from dried cabbage to change the meal in the family.

Dried cabbage has many great uses
Dried cabbage has many great uses

Using dried cabbage to prepare medicine in traditional medicine: From ancient times to now, dried cabbage has been used a lot in oriental medicine to cure diseases. Low cost, simple processing, long preservation and cure for many diseases such as: sore throat, relieve pain, improve cardiovascular condition, bronchitis, etc. This makes dried cabbage very popular. and widely used.

Dried cabbage brings many benefits to human health such as:

  • Good for the digestive system
  • Prevention of osteoporosis in adults
  • Provides good nutrients for the brain
  • Prevent cancer

The process of making dried cabbage from the dryer

First, we need to choose really fresh, quality cabbages, not crushed or showing signs of damage. Next, it is necessary to clean, treat the leaves that are deep, old or bruised to ensure the best quality and the cabbage will be processed and cut into long strands.

The next step we will put the cabbage on each drying tray, can stack the shredded cabbage on top of each other with a thickness of about 3cm. After completing this step, we will put the cabbage in the dryer, set the drying temperature to about 55 degrees Celsius, this is a reasonable drying temperature to avoid the high temperature making it soft, it will be difficult to ripen the vegetables. for drying.

Make simple dried cabbage with a dryer
Make simple dried cabbage with a dryer

Depending on the thickness or thinness when we spread it in each drying tray, the drying time will range from 7 to 11 hours. The humidity should not be set too low as it will most likely make the cabbage crispy, about 15 to 20% is the most appropriate heat level. When the cabbage has finished drying, take it out to cool and then pack it.

Dried cabbage brings extremely good effects to human health. Not only that, it also preserves for a long time. The production process of dried cabbage is also very quick, simple and effective. That’s why we should own a cabbage dryer.

So where to buy a reputable cabbage dryer?

SUNSAY cabbage dryer has been trusted by many people for many years now. SUNSAY Vietnam is proud to be a dryer brand with more than 10 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing high-class food dryers.

Chili dryer is highly appreciated in the market from the brand SUNSAY
Chili dryer is highly appreciated in the market from the brand SUNSAY

SUNSAY Vietnam is a leading expert in the field of providing drying and preserving solutions for agricultural products and food. Products of SUNSAY Vietnam have the following advantages:

  • High quality – energy saving – suitable for all customer segments
  • Good price
  • High strength, good heat resistance
  • Long term warranty

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to refrigeration dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: sublimation dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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