Instructions on how to make whole peeled longan with a freeze dryer

Dried longan has a delicious taste and nutrition, so it is increasingly popular. How to make dried longan with the peel is actually not too difficult, it is important that you find the most suitable method. Currently, using a freeze dryer to make dried labels is very popular. Let’s learn about this type of dryer in the following article.

Instructions for making dried labels with the skin on with the dryer

Dryers are currently used quite a lot, especially in drying fruits. The way to make dried labels with the whole shell by a cold dryer is appreciated by many people because it brings efficiency and quality of finished products. This is also the drying method that has many outstanding advantages over other methods.

The way to make dried longan with the skin on the cold dryer helps you to keep the nutrition, flavor, color and deliciousness and sweetness from the longan. Because the quality closed drying process is dried at a low temperature, the label does not change in quality compared to the original. You can now perform label drying with a freeze dryer following the suggested procedure below.

Dried longan is a favorite dish of many people
Dried longan is a favorite dish of many people

Step 1: Select ingredients before drying

The quality of the finished product depends a lot on the user’s choice of raw materials. Tasty and juicy quality longans, thick pulp will help you have more eye-catching and sweeter products. Moreover, you will also ensure the aesthetics after drying.

Step 2: Preliminary processing

Preliminary processing when using the method of making dried longan with the shell in a cold dryer is very important. You need to remove the branches and wash the longan to remove dirt and dry it.

Step 3: Carry out steaming

You can bare through boiling water for about 2 to 3 minutes so that the pulp of the longan is hunted and insects and dirt are also cleaned more. This is one of the experiences you can refer to to make the most delicious whole dried longan. Then soak the label in a dilute salt solution to keep the label clean.

Step 3: Dry the longan

Place the labels on the drying tray in turn and do not stack them too thickly for the best quality of the finished product. The cold dryer will dry at a suitable cooling time with fast and quality compared to the previous traditional drying method. The heat level will also decrease gradually in each drying stage.

Labels after drying with a cold dryer will dry evenly from the inside out and you should leave about 12% moisture to ensure aesthetics. It also makes the longan more delicious and sweeter. Dried longan is considered to be sweeter than fresh longan while the nutrients remain intact.

Longan dried with a cold dryer
Longan dried with a cold dryer

Which company sells SUNSAY refrigeration dryers?

SUNSAY Refrigeration Machine is a product that many people choose when using the way to make whole dried labels. It can be said that this is the most effective and quality solution. The implementation is also extremely simple, all label drying processes are done automatically, saving time.

Dehumidification drying step is performed in turn in different stages and gradually withdraws moisture. As a result, the label will also be more flexible and dry more evenly. The drying tray is made of high-quality stainless steel that will not rust when used. So it is very safe for the health of the user.

Besides, the certainty of the dryer as well as high aesthetics are also plus points for this product. Modern designed SUNSAY dryers with smart control panel will definitely help any business when there is a need to produce dried products.

How to make dried labels with their skins on with high quality SUNSAY dryers
How to make dried labels with their skins on with high quality SUNSAY dryers

When buying a refrigerator at SUNSAY Vietnam, customers will also receive a long-term warranty. With extensive experience and professional staff, we always bring satisfaction to all customers with the most competitive product purchasing policy. You will be enthusiastically supported by consultants with dedicated and professional service.

The company also has a wide range of refrigeration dryers with a variety of capacities to meet the needs of each user. You can order a low or high capacity dryer depending on the volume and scale of use. With high-quality product lines and long-term warranty, SUNSAY Vietnam will surely be the leading prestigious unit to bring you the best products.

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