What is a food drying oven and how does it work?

If you are interested in food drying ovens, you really should not ignore this article. Food drying oven or in other words food dryer is now becoming a lot more popular for many of us. Food dryers are often found inside establishments specializing in the production of dried food and become an irreplaceable device.

Everyone can join us to learn more about the food drying oven below as well as know the principle of its operation.

Working principle of food drying oven

Food drying oven or rather a food dryer works on the principle of evaporation of moisture when encountering high temperature. More details can be found below.

Initially, the food will be placed inside the drying chamber and closed carefully to prevent the environment inside and outside the case from being homogenized and reducing the efficiency of the drying process. After closing the oven door thoroughly, the staff will press the button to proceed with the drying process. 

The high heat of the dryer will be generated by heating systems such as incandescent bulbs or mayso wires. The high heat from this system will begin to heat the food and cause the moisture inside it to evaporate and escape. In addition, the system also has fan blades to make the food drying process faster and more efficient.

Each type of food will have a different drying time as well as a drying process, but the most commonly seen drying process is about 70 – 80 degrees and drying for 6 – 8 hours. In an environment where the temperature is not too high and for such a long time, the food will be completely dried but still retain the characteristic delicious flavor of each product.

Food drying ovens are becoming popular
Food drying ovens are becoming popular

How to choose the most suitable food drying oven for food processing facilities

How should I choose a dryer?

Before buying and choosing a food drying oven, everyone needs to pay attention to how their facility has the capacity and what is the priority food to be processed to buy the right dryer. Avoid the situation that the dryer purchased but operates at over or under capacity damages the machine and affects the facility budget.

In addition, people should not be cheap but buy poor quality food dryers. Chances are, when you buy like that, you’ve stumbled upon poor quality food dryers with a low lifespan. Therefore, it is necessary to choose manufacturers with high reputation in the market to trust when buying machines.

SUNSAY dryer dries food quickly
SUNSAY dryer dries food quickly

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Food Dryer SUNSAY
Food Dryer SUNSAY

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