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Continuous rotary drum dryer with stable capacity, efficient operation and freeing manual labor is one of the top choices of large-scale fertilizer and sand production enterprises. However, in fact, not everyone understands the characteristics of this product as well as the benefits it brings to production and business activities. The more you know about the product, the more effectively you will know how to use it. Please read the information that we provide below to choose for yourself a quality and most suitable product.

How is the structure of a continuous rotating barrel dryer?

Rotary drum dryer products are more and more popular and it is also considered a quality product for all users. The structure of this product is also designed with a modern machinery system, the parts perform their own functions with the role of ensuring the fastest and most convenient drying process. Specifically, this product has the following structural design:

Rotary barrel body: is a cylindrical barrel, placed at an angle of 1-6 degrees relative to the plane. The barrel is rotated by the mechanism of the roller ring and the roller receives the drive of the motor, through a reducer. This movement also allows for faster and easier maintenance and troubleshooting (if any).

The continuous rotary drum dryer is composed of many different parts
The continuous rotary drum dryer is composed of many different parts

Feeding system: The wet material to be dried will be continuously fed to the upper end of the barrel through a conveyor system and a hopper.

Dust collection system: The process of copying and drying dry materials will generate a lot of dust. At this time, the dust extraction system on the rotating drum dryer will continuously operate to avoid polluting the environment as well as affecting human health.

Unloading system: After drying, the material will be piled up or bagged by the conveyor mechanism, screw conveyor, etc.

Incinerator system: The type of incinerator used on rotary drum drying equipment is cylindrical in shape, built around a layer of heat-resistant bricks with high strength, commonly used fuels are gas and petroleum.

The above are the structural parts of the continuous rotating drum dryer. You can understand each structural part which also means that the effective use, the best drying quality is guaranteed. Because all of these structural parts have the right combination to give you the most complete product.

Working principle of continuous rotary drum dryer

Rotating the dryer barrel has a reasonable structure, so it is easy to change the tilt and rotation frequency during operation. The wet material to be dried will be fed into the machine from the upper end. When the rotary drum dryer starts to rotate, the inner blades will do the job of stirring the material. The material is exposed to the hot gas completely and the moisture is removed.

During the whole drying process, the material will be moved from the top to the bottom of the drying drum until the required dryness is achieved. Steam is brought out by the outlet pipe, and finally the material is released through the discharge distributor (outlet system).

Advantages of SUNSAY . continuous rotary drum dryer

For a long time, the SUNSAY Vietnam brand has been providing users with quality dryer products at a reasonable price. This product also has many outstanding advantages. Specifically, the following advantages can be mentioned:

– Rotary drum dryer has a special structure, thanks to inverter technology, it will accelerate the drying process of materials, saving time and optimizing productivity, drying capacity from 3-15 tons/hour.

Rotary barrel dryer saves time when using
Rotary barrel dryer saves time when using

– Energy consumption on most drying equipment is low, cost-effective, low in energy, so it is environmentally friendly, creating less pollution.

– The drum dryer system rotates continuously, easy operation, smooth and stable operation, low breakdown rate, high durability.

– Can effectively dry a variety of materials such as wood chips, fertilizers, sawdust, sand, etc.

– High quality machine building materials, genuine engine parts, 100% new with long-term warranty nationwide.– The selling price of SUNSAY brand continuous rotary drum dryer is competitive compared to other models of the same type, with high and stable working performance.

Quality and efficient SUNSAY rotary drum dryer
Quality and efficient SUNSAY rotary drum dryer

Contact method to order dryer SUNSAY

In addition to continuous rotary drum dryer , SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: food dryer, refrigeration dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers, sublimation dryers, …

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