Clean organic barley dryer – Freeze drying technology conquers the food industry

Clean organic barley dryer with freeze drying technology is a breakthrough in the field of barley preservation and processing. By using freeze drying technology, this machine is capable of effectively removing moisture from barley and at the same time maintaining its nutritional quality.

Freeze drying technology allows the drying temperature to be adjusted so that the barley is dried at a low temperature, keeping the nutrients and natural ingredients in the barley from being lost. This helps protect the nutritional value and ensures fresh and quality barley.

Barley dryers with freeze drying technology have many applications in the agricultural and food industries. It helps preserve clean organic barley effectively, ensuring that no bacteria, germs or harmful additives exist in the product. This makes dried barley a source of safe and quality ingredients for food processing companies and breweries.

Benefits of barley dryer
Benefits of barley dryer

By using freeze-dried barley dryers, farmers and food manufacturers can make the best use of barley and maintain its value during processing and storage. This helps improve product quality, meet the increasing market demand for clean organic barley and promote sustainable development in the agricultural industry.

Benefits of SUNSAY clean organic barley dryer

Improve storage and preservation capabilities: The barley dryer uses cold drying technology to effectively remove moisture in barley, reducing the possibility of growth of bacteria, mold and harmful insects. . This increases the ability to store and preserve barley for long periods of time without losing color, flavor and quality of the product.

Save energy and time: Freeze drying technology in barley dryers consumes less energy than traditional heat drying methods. Low temperatures during freeze drying help minimize drying time and save energy, thereby improving performance and reducing operating costs.

Ensuring quality and commercial value: Freeze drying technology in barley dryers helps maintain product quality and commercial value. The freeze-drying process keeps the barley from changing color, flavor or quality, thereby ensuring the product meets market requirements and standards.

Barley is a grain that contains many nutrients
Barley is a grain that contains many nutrients

Enhance export ability: Using barley dryers with cold drying technology helps improve the quality and hygiene of barley, thereby enhancing the ability to export to demanding markets. Freeze-dried barley products are highly appreciated for their quality and compliance with food safety regulations, increasing opportunities to access and penetrate international markets.

Barley dryers with cold drying technology bring many important benefits in preserving and processing barley. From maintaining nutritional quality, minimizing losses and wastage, ensuring hygiene and safety, enhancing storage and export capabilities, freeze drying technology contributes to sustainable development and increases prices. value of the agriculture and food industry.

Application of clean organic barley dryer with freeze drying technology for drying fruit cereals

The clean organic barley dryer is not only limited to drying barley, but can also be used to dry other grains and fruits. Below are some applications of barley dryers with freeze drying technology in the processing of grains and fruits:

Grain drying: Barley dryer with freeze drying technology can be applied to dry grains such as rice, barley, corn, beans, cashews, chia seeds and other seeds. The freeze-drying process effectively removes moisture from grains and maintains their nutritional quality.

Fruit drying: SUNSAY Food heat pump dryer is also used to dry fruits such as pineapples, bananas, apples, grapes, pears, oranges, lemons, plums, strawberries and many other fruits. The freeze-drying process helps preserve the flavor, color and nutritional quality of fruits during storage.

Food processing: can be used in the process of processing foods from cereals and fruits. With the ability to dry quickly and effectively, the barley dryer with freeze drying technology helps process finished products from cereals and fruits such as jam, dried fruit, cereal powder, fruit juice, snacks and other products. other products.

What are the benefits of using a barley dryer with freeze drying technology?

Food industry: also applied in food industries, including livestock and poultry processing, animal feed production and food processing industry. The freeze-drying process helps preserve and process food ingredients safely and effectively.

The clean organic barley dryer can be widely applied in drying grains and fruits, from quality preservation to food processing and related industries.

Operating principle of barley dryer with cold drying technology

  • Cooling system: The barley dryer uses a cooling system to reduce the temperature inside the machine. This system typically includes a compressor and a refrigeration system containing a refrigerant such as ammonia or freon. The cooling process helps reduce the temperature and create a cold environment inside the machine.
  • Exhaust fans and blowers: Barley dryers are equipped with exhaust fans and blowers to create air flow in the machine. The exhaust fan draws moist air from outside and brings it into the machine, while the blower fan creates a flow of cold air through the barley layer to remove moisture.
Clean organic barley dryer with 20 trays for drying high quality medicinal herbs
Clean organic barley dryer with 20 trays for drying high quality medicinal herbs
  • Control and sensor system: The barley dryer has a control and sensor system to control the drying process. Temperature and humidity sensors in the machine help adjust the cooling system and blower to maintain the temperature and humidity in the machine at optimal levels for the drying process.
  • Drying process: The barley layer is placed in the dryer and cold air flows through the barley layer. This process helps remove moisture from the barley and dry it. The dried barley layer will be collected at the end of the drying process.

In general, freeze drying barley dryers use a refrigeration system, exhaust fans and blowers, control systems and sensors to conduct the freeze drying process and remove moisture from barley. This ensures the quality and safety of the dried barley.

High quality SUNSAY 40 tray freeze dryer
High quality SUNSAY 40 tray freeze dryer

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