The interesting process of making dried chili that few people know about

If you are wondering what the process of making dried chili is like, please read the article below. Dried chili is a food that is no longer strange to us. However, the process to make it has many steps as well as many different stages. Together we will learn more about the steps to make dried chili soon.

Process of making dried chili

To be able to have quality and standard dried chili products, food production facilities have to go through many different steps to be able to make them. Detailed steps will be listed below.

Choose quality fresh chili

This is the first step in the production of dried chili peppers and is also very important. Selected fresh chili must ensure good quality, no pests as well as suitable size. Each type of dried chili product will correspond to different types of fresh chili, so there will be quite a few types of chili used to make dried chili. 

The most common type of chili used to make dried chili peppers is the horn chili. This chili is medium in size with just enough spiciness, very suitable for making dried chili.

Dried chili is becoming popular
Dried chili is becoming popular

Preliminary chili

Fresh chili after buying will be prepared and washed thoroughly. Peppers need to be washed, removing dirt and stones from the surface. In addition, pre-processing workers will also remove damaged peppers that cannot be dried.

After the cleaning process of chili peppers, the fresh peppers will be placed in the basket and completely drained, preparing for the important step in the back.

Use a food dryer to dry chili

In the past, when there were no food dryers, people had to bring fresh chili to dry in the sun to make dried chili. This method is both time-consuming and labor-intensive, but such dried chili products are not of high quality. The introduction of later food dryers has overcome the inherent disadvantages of the above food drying method.

Chili after being processed will be placed in a food dryer to start the drying process. People will choose the right temperature and time for chili to get the best product quality. Normally, a reasonable drying temperature for chili peppers is from 60 – 75 degrees Celsius and drying for about 4-6 hours, a dryer can make 1 or 2 batches of dried chili per day.

Technical technology for processing dried chili and chili powder for export
Technical technology for processing dried chili and chili powder for export

Where is a reputable place to buy a dried chili machine in the market?

In the previous part of the article we learned how the process of making dried chili is, it is important to have a quality food dryer to ensure the final stage is completed . On the market today, there are also many facilities that produce and supply dried chili machines in large quantities, typical of which is the SUNSAY Vietnam system.

The process of making dried chili is simple with the SUNSAY dryer
The process of making dried chili is simple with the SUNSAY dryer

SUNSAY Vietnam system has long been known as a place specializing in providing extremely quality dryers at affordable prices in the market. Customers who are interested in these chili drying machines can contact us via hotline: +84 941108888 for the earliest advice.

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