Freeze-dried red beans – A long-term way to preserve red beans and bring many health benefits

Similar to other types of beans, red beans bring many benefits to health and the body when used regularly. Using red beans by cooking sweet soup or porridge is a popular way to increase the body’s absorption when tired, support recovery when the body is tired, improve resistance, and cool the body. , and provides essential vitamins, minerals, soluble fiber and antioxidants. To preserve red beans for a long time, we need to dry the beans to remove water, helping to prolong shelf life, so freeze-dried red beans are a product that is both beneficial to health and improves quality. economic quantity of agricultural products.

Freeze-dried red beans have a lot of healthy nutrients
Freeze-dried red beans have a lot of healthy nutrients

The nutrients contained in freeze-dried red beans are good for health

Cereal grains provide many important health benefits. They provide, supplement and fill in nutrients, minerals, and fiber that are often lacking in daily meals, helping the body develop well. Red beans are in the same family as green beans and black beans, and are also a rich source of vitamins such as B6, B1, K, C, E. In particular, vitamin B1 supports digestion and nutrient absorption. The highlight of red beans is their richness in nutrients and minerals, including iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, manganese. These substances not only help the body restore health quickly, reduce stress and fatigue, but also compensate for deficiencies caused by sweat loss.

Freeze-dried red beans provide a significant amount of fiber, especially soluble fiber, a necessary ingredient for reducing cholesterol, eliminating excess fat and naturally helping the body lose weight. For women, red bean powder (made from dried and roasted red beans) is often popular for face masks, thanks to the abundant antioxidants in red beans. This helps maintain smooth, elastic and healthy skin. Notably, there are other substances such as starch, sugar, vegetable fat and protein that make up freeze-dried red beans. Therefore, using red beans is very useful for people who are fasting or trying to lose weight.

Red beans are preserved longer term thanks to modern freeze-drying technology
Red beans are preserved longer term thanks to modern freeze-drying technology

Freeze-dried red beans using modern drying technology

Like other grains and beans, drying red beans is necessary to ensure they are completely dry before long-term storage and use. Usually, sun drying is a good way to dry beans, but the weather is not always favorable. Therefore, using a bean dryer or food dryer is an important choice to ensure red beans are completely dried before storing.

The drying process can be carried out at temperatures of 50-60°C and humidity below 15%. Drying time should be 3-5 hours, depending on the initial moisture content of the beans and their size. In addition to drying, you can also perform the drying process to make the beans ripe for eating. Drying is usually done at high temperatures of about 100°C, which helps quickly ripen beans and is convenient when using a small dryer at home.

With freeze-dried red beans, you can preserve them for a long time without worrying about mold or damage.

Freeze-dried red beans
Freeze-dried red beans

How to use freeze-dried red beans

Freeze-dried red beans, black beans and other beans are often widely used in refreshing dishes and help cool the body in the summer, such as black bean sweet soup, mixed sweet soup, red bean sweet soup and a series of other tea dishes. Sweet soup is a popular dish, however, in daily life, we also have many other dishes using red beans such as red bean porridge, red bean rice, cereal powder, red bean cake, red bean milk, jam. red beans and many other dishes. That shows there are countless ways to combine red beans to provide nutrients and add rich flavor to dishes.

Use SUNSAY cold dryer with modern drying technology to extend the preservation time of red beans

Food heat pump dryer is an important equipment in the food preservation process by removing water and maintaining product quality. Freeze-drying technology works the way you describe, removing moisture without changing the quality of the food. Freeze dryer is an important tool for maintaining and preserving food products.

Equipment such as the SUNSAY freeze dryer can contribute to ensuring food quality and hygiene through effective freeze drying. Food quality and safety are very important to ensure that food products are maintained in the best condition and do not harm the health of consumers.

Freeze drying technology is a drying technology in which the product is dried through the dehumidifying cooling process to reduce the humidity in the drying environment to the lowest. When creating an environment with low humidity at low temperature, the product is dried. convection and drying. The above method is called freeze drying method.

Drying is a process of dehydration of a product, removing moisture in the material to preserve its quality, flavor or other properties to preserve the product for longer without loss of quality or deterioration. .

SUNSAY 20 tray convection heat dryer
SUNSAY 20 tray convection heat dryer

Advantages of SUNSAY freeze drying technology

  • 304 stainless steel material: Using high-quality 304 stainless steel for the cold dryer ensures durability, corrosion resistance and a long lifespan of over 50 years.
  • Preserving food quality: Freeze-drying at a temperature lower than the product temperature helps preserve the color, flavor, smell and nutrition of the food.
  • Uniform drying process: 3D wind convection technology helps ensure uniformity in the drying process, thereby ensuring uniform quality for the product.
  • Not affected by the external environment: SUNSAY cold dryer works independently of the external environment, not affected by peripheral humidity.
  • Does not emit polluting gases: The machine does not emit gases into the environment, only drains water, ensuring it does not cause pollution or negative impacts on the surrounding environment.
  • Preserving optimal moisture: Bringing the moisture of dried food to an optimal level (average 5%) helps preserve food longer term and maintain food quality.

These features all contribute to maintaining the freshness, quality and safety of food after the drying process.

SUNSAY freeze drying efficiency brings to users

  • Improve product quality and value: Freeze drying helps improve product quality and value by maintaining freshness, flavor, color and nutrition.
  • Absolute safety and hygiene: The product ensures compliance with all food safety and hygiene requirements, ensuring that dried products are always safe for consumers.
  • Outstanding energy savings: The energy saving capabilities of refrigerated dryers help reduce environmental impact and reduce operating costs.
  • Smart automatic drying program: Smart automatic programmed drying program helps operators easily use the device effectively and ensures the best results.
  • Storing drying processes: Storing drying processes helps maintain product quality stability and ensure expected results.
  • Easy to use: The device is easy to use and requires no operator qualifications, saving time and effort.
  • SUNSAY brand: Owning a SUNSAY brand cold dryer brings aesthetics and high reputation to the equipment used, while also enhancing the value of the product.

The advantages and features of SUNSAY freeze dryers contribute to improving quality, safety and performance in food preservation.

High quality 40 tray convection dryer
High quality 40 tray convection dryer

ontact method to order SUNSAY dryer

In addition to cold dryer lines, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other dryer lines such as sublimation dryers, thermal dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers.

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