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With the current large demand for ice cubes in beverage shops, beer bars or weddings, the production of those ice cubes and the ice machine quotation is also a big question mark of the company. many people. Currently, this product is being chosen by many units.

The market is also providing many types of ice machines with their own designs, structures and advantages in terms of features and quality. However, not everyone can find a reputable and durable ice machine product over time. Join us to learn about ice cube machines and their prices.

What is an ice maker? Quotation for ice machine

Understanding the characteristics of the ice machine will help you use it properly and most effectively. Let’s find out what is the concept of an ice maker? Ice maker is a machine that produces ice cubes for use in different purposes such as beverage, coffee, beer, etc. This is an industrial refrigeration system with a fully automated process. safe, works on the principle of flow in the ice tube to create ice cubes of the desired size.

Illustrated image of the ice machine
Illustrated image of the ice machine

The size of the ice cubes produced by the ice machine

Currently, on the market, customers can choose from different types of ice machines with different sizes and different price quotes. Each type of ice machine will have different characteristics depending on the needs of the user, but you can choose different sizes. Depending on the purpose of use as well as the uses of each type, there are many sizes of ice cubes as follows:

– Large stone: 47 x 80 mm. Often used to drink beer, soft drinks with large cups

– Large medium stone: 38 x 40 mm. Often used, drink alcohol, drink iced tea

– Small medium stone: 34 x 40 mm. Often used, drink alcohol, drink iced tea

– Small stones: 19 x 20 mm. Often used to drink coffee, juice, mixed water ..

Ice cubes come in a variety of sizes from small to large

Common capacity in ice cube machines

With different purposes of use, users will have options with machines with different rates of ice machines and different usage capacities as follows:

  • Production of ice with small and medium output from 30-50-100kg: used in beer shops, soft drinks, …
  • Producing ice with a large output from 200kg to several tons: used for ice factories, fishing ports to marinate fish, …

Working principle of ice cube machine

Not only the price of the ice machine, but the principle of operation of the product is also something that many people are interested in. When starting, the air conditioner sucks in gas and compresses high pressure, the gas temperature is increased significantly.

Then this gas stream will be passed through the condenser to reduce the temperature, the hot steam is taken out through the cooling tower.

The gas will then be returned to the high-pressure container, the temperature of the gas at that time has been reduced significantly

The ice-making pipes are cooled by the flow of gas through the throttle system, the large temperature difference causes the gas to decrease deeply to negative degrees.

Water is passed through the molding tubes, quickly frozen by the cold gas, shaped according to the existing molds.

The ice maker works with a closed cycle
The ice maker works with a closed cycle

Facilities that should use an ice maker

The ice maker is suitable for use in large ice factories, beer shops, coffee shops, etc., fishing ports to marinate fish. Ice makers appear in supermarkets and wholesale markets to ensure food preservation. It is easy to see that the application of this ice machine is very large and has very prominent advantages and is easy to use in life.

Regarding the price of the ice machine, because there are many capacities, there are many different types, so the price of each type will be different. Customers can refer to the Green Technology supply system for more details on pricing. We have been providing our customers with ice machines at an affordable and competitive price in the market. You will save a lot of money when using our products.

Where can I get a quote for a high-quality ice machine?

Currently on the market there are many selling points of ice machines, customers need to consider choosing good and genuine brands to avoid damage and difficulties in production. You can contact the nationwide Green Technology supply system to be able to provide the fastest ice machine quote. Please contact us via hotline: 0941108888 or via website:   https://kynghexanh.com/. You can also refer to the price of the ice machine right below to have the best choice for your needs. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the leading brand of ice machine ICE COOL in the market today.

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