What is special about grape drying technology today?

Currently, grape drying technology is increasingly suitable and meets the strict requirements of users. Using a professional and quality grape dryer is the best choice for every business. Because it has many features and brings high efficiency when used.

Things to know about grape drying technology

Currently, modern grape drying technology uses heat to help steam escape from the grapes. When drying grapes, the preservation will also be simpler, easier and longer-lasting. The applicability and use of this fruit is also becoming more and more popular and gradually gaining popularity.

What grape drying technologies are there and the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Meeting the growing needs of users today, there are many different grape drying technologies. Including hot drying, cold drying and sublimation drying. Each drying technology has its own advantages and limitations. However, these are all modern and commonly used technologies today.

Delicious dried grapes keep the flavor
Delicious dried grapes keep the flavor

Hot drying technology

When using hot drying technology, user investment costs are quite low. You can also easily repair the machine if there are any problems with the operation. However, with this technology, the quality of grapes is not guaranteed and the color and nutrition are not preserved. Not only that, the hot dryer is also quite energy-consuming and the drying time is also longer.

Freeze drying technology

This is also a highly appreciated technology today. By using a cold dryer to dry raisins, it will keep the maximum nutritional content and color and flavor of the grapes. Not only that, the product also dries very quickly, is versatile and can save energy. The only disadvantage of this grape drying technology is the slightly high investment cost.

The technology of drying grapes by cold drying is very popular
The technology of drying grapes by cold drying is very popular

Sublimation drying technology

Along with cold and hot drying technology, sublimation drying is also the most modern technology today. The advantage of this technology is that it can keep the nutrition, color, and good quality of raisins. Brings aesthetics to grapes after drying. However, the drying time is long and quite cumbersome, and the cost is also high. This makes many people confused when choosing.

The process of drying grapes with modern technology

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Make flexible dried grapes with a freeze dryer

You can use a freeze dryer to dry the grapes as required. Specifically, grape drying technology is applied step by step as follows.

Step 1: Select grapes

You need to harvest grapes at the right time to bring out the best quality when drying and using. Sort grapes by ripeness and size for uniform drying. At the same time you need to select the crushed grapes and pests.

Preliminary processing of grapes

Once you have selected the right grapes for the size and quality, you need to conduct preliminary processing by cleaning and then soaking in dilute salt. When washing, be gentle so as not to damage the grapes.

Arrange the grapes on the drying tray

This is an important step, you should put the grapes in each drying tray and not be too thick or stacked on top of each other. This can cause the grapes to be crushed or interfere with the heat exchange process, affecting the drying process.

Freeze-drying grapes with modern grape drying technology

You can customize the drying temperature on the control screen. You can also set the drying time according to the specifications of the drying product. Adjusting the right temperature and time will ensure that the grapes have a more delicious, supple quality.

Packing and sending to the market

After drying, check the drying quality and then proceed to store it. For households, it can be stored in glass jars for longer. Meanwhile, units that produce dried grapes in bulk are often packed in zip bags or vacuum bags. As a result, moisture cannot enter and can ensure long-term quality for dried grapes after making.

Which unit currently provides grape dryer?

Choosing a supplier of raisins dryers, you also need to pay attention to look for units that provide dryers that meet food hygiene and safety standards. Units that meet the quality criteria will help you have delicious finished products and take full advantage of this type of dryer.

30 tray grape dryer SUNSAY
30 tray grape dryer SUNSAY

If you want to learn about grape drying technology in general and want to buy outstanding drying products, please contact SUNSAY Vietnam. We always bring to customers many impressive dryer products in terms of design, design and quality during operation.

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