How to make dried durian is both delicious and easy to make

Dried durian is a specialty with high nutritional value. Therefore, this is a product that is always sought after by many people. However, in order to have delicious batches of durian, you also need to know how to dry and choose the best drying method. Today’s article we will give you more ways to make crispy, delicious, and effective durian. Follow up and immediately choose for yourself a best product to help you dry fruit quickly and conveniently.

Unexpected health benefits of durian

Durian is a fruit that contains many nutrients that are very good for health. Regular use of durian will help prevent some common diseases. This is also considered a fruit that you should not ignore, especially for those who are often stressed, constipated or anemic. The uses of durian below will hopefully help you better understand this fruit.

Dried durian has many health benefits
Dried durian has many health benefits

Eating durian helps relieve constipation

According to research, durian contains a lot of fiber that helps your digestive system increase the ability to absorb water. Thereby helping the digestive system improve more, significantly reduce constipation.

Durian helps to prevent anemia in the body

There are many people who often experience dizziness, lightheadedness when standing or sitting for too long. This is a sign of anemia in the body. In these cases, doctors often recommend that patients take supplements such as B vitamins and folate. Both types of active ingredients are abundant in durian. Therefore, when you eat durian regularly, you can add substances to your body to effectively prevent anemia.

Durian effectively reduces stress

Durian contains a large amount of vitamin B6 that helps stimulate the body to produce Serotonin. This is a substance that plays an important role in transmitting information from the body to the brain. The production of more Serotonin helps people who are tired or stressed to quickly improve their mood.

Eating durian helps your teeth and gums better

Durian contains phosphorus and calcium content that is not only good for bones and joints but also effective in protecting teeth and gums. They help supplement substances that help strengthen teeth and prevent gingivitis effectively. In addition, eating durian also helps you relieve headaches and aids digestion.

There are many different ways to dry durian
There are many different ways to dry durian

Convenient method of making dried durian at home

Dried durian is a favorite dish of many people because it is very delicious and easy to preserve. However, to make delicious dried durian you need to know how to choose fruits that do not contain preservatives or chemicals.

How to choose to buy delicious durian for drying

When choosing to buy durian, you should choose the fruit with a strong aroma, it will be more delicious. For chemically pumped durian, it will usually not smell as natural. To make sure the durian is fresh, you should choose the stalks that are green and hard. On the outside, if the durian spines are round and large, the inside will be very beautiful and delicious.

Durian will be very delicious when left to ripen. To identify ripe durian trees, you just need to look at the color of the outer skin. If it is mossy green or yellow, it is a ripe durian. As for durians that have a creamy yellow color when held, they are chemically impregnated and ripe.

How to make dried durian with SUNSAY dryer

In the past, people used to use the manual drying method to make dried durian. However, the finished product is not eye-catching and takes a lot of time and effort. Understanding this difficulty, the SUNSAY line of dryers was born. With a closed and modern drying process, Sunsay dryer gives you high quality dried durian products. The SUNSAY series of dryers is also chosen by many customers because of its ability to save maximum electricity and long-term use of the machine.

Dry durian with a quality SUNSAY dryer
Dry durian with a quality SUNSAY dryer

Owning a SUNSAY machine is owning the secret to making quality and effective dried durian. Currently, this product is well received by many people because of its good quality, modern design and multi-function. When choosing to buy a dryer at SUNSAY Vietnam, customers also have more choices because we always bring you products with different designs, designs and capacities. Depending on the size of your business and your needs, the company will advise you on the most suitable type of machine.

With extensive experience in the field of supplying industrial equipment on the market, SUNSAY Vietnam will surely make every customer satisfied with the product with the longest warranty. Not only that, you are also advised on specific instructions for use when buying products at the unit and supported anytime, anywhere when you have any questions. Visit the website to see more information about the product and let the staff advise you today. 

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