How to make dried carrots quickly, conveniently and economically

Dried carrots are one of the most popular foods today because they are very convenient to prepare in daily meals, they still retain all the nutrients and natural flavors that are very good for health. Drying is also one of the methods to keep the natural orange color and preserve it for a long time. Let’s learn about this method with DRYER.

What are the health benefits of carrots – dried carots?

Carrot has always been known as a highly nutritious root vegetable because it can improve many diseases. First of all, we must mention that Vitamin A has the effect of preventing and curing anemia, helping to increase height in children, good for women to improve skin, anti-aging.

In addition, it also contains other vitamins as well as beta-carotene for eye diseases, brightening eyes. Very good for the heart and can prevent cancer, vitamin C also strengthens the immune system, ….

Dried carrots have many health benefits
Dried carrots have many health benefits

Standard dried carrots are sugar-free, preservative-free, color-free, cholesterol-free and ensure food safety.

How to dry carrots quickly and safely?

Since ancient times, we also know that to dry food, the main method used is sun drying. However, in this drying process, it will often take a lot of time as well as not ensure food hygiene and safety because in the air there is a lot of dirt and bacteria that the naked eye cannot see.

In addition, sun drying does not guarantee quality as well as productivity because drying takes a few days to a week depending on weather conditions. If the weather is bad, drying the carrots will be very difficult and will not meet the requirements for use.

Dried carrots are safe for health
Dried carrots are safe for health

With the development of modern drying technology, a dedicated carrot dryer has appeared with a better drying process that ensures 100% food safety. Not only that, it also creates a high yield and the nutritional value is preserved in carrots.

Dried carrots are safe for health
Dried carrots are safe for health

What type of dryer is most popular today?

Although there are many types of food dryers on the market, depending on the design of the operating mechanism will produce different dried carrot products. To judge the quality, you just need to look at the quality after drying in the color, shape and nutrients. When using SUNSAY’s industrial food dryer With a fully automatic and closed drying process, it is possible to dry a variety of foods, not only carrots, in order to expand the scale of production and business.

You can also find the quality of SUNSAY carrot dryer in the chassis system, temperature, humidity, time and drying tray controls. This product line of ours is designed according to industry standards, applying the most scientific drying method, so that you can get a batch of carrots that meet the quality standards.

Carrots are dried by freeze dryers

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In addition to sublimation dryers, SUNSAY Vietnam also provides other types of dryers such as: refrigeration dryers, heat dryers, rice dryers, and horizontal dryers,…

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