The demand for pure ice machine today

Demand for ice machine is the most used ice machine line today. The pure ice machine produces the cleanest and safest ice cubes. Using this product will make it easier for you to create quality stones, in large quantities.

This type of machine is also very suitable for use by business units in the market. Especially the units specializing in providing ice for beverage shops, restaurants and hotels on the market today. Let’s learn about this machine in the following article.

Details of pure ice machine

Although used quite commonly on the market and is the most popular machine today, not everyone understands all about the pure ice machine. What features does this machine have and what are the benefits it brings to the user? Should I buy an ice maker or not? All these questions will be answered shortly.

Pure ice machine produces the best clean ice today

The clean ice created from the ice maker has the highest safety for users. With today’s most intelligent water filter technology, the water entering the machine is guaranteed to be hygienic before creating ice cubes. Because of its high safety, ice produced from pure ice machines is used for many purposes, from preserving food to direct use for human consumption and refreshment.

Illustration of pure ice machine
Illustration of pure ice machine

The purest ice machine has the fastest ice-making capacity

The pure ice machine has a fast ice making speed, rated among the fastest ice machines. Quality stone ensures high hygiene and aesthetics. The ice cubes have a beautiful cylindrical shape, have the ability to melt for a long time, so they are perfectly suitable for traveling long distances. It can be said that using an ice machine is the best solution to increase professionalism and help you create quality and safest ice products for users.

Pure ice machine to save cost

The price of ice in the market is also quite high, usually ranging from 15,000 VND to 20,000 VND a bag of 5 kg. Therefore, establishments that have a lot of demand for ice cubes will have to spend a lot of money to buy ice cubes. The pure ice machine helps establishments to be proactive in providing the most abundant pure ice, saving a lot of costs. Not only that, today on the market also provides customers with many types of ice machines with different models and prices. Based on your financial needs, you can find pure ice machine products at a cheap price.

Ice cubes are made from pure ice machines
Ice cubes are made from pure ice machines

Things to know when installing and using the pure ice machine

When using the product of the ice machine to be able to bring about high efficiency and best quality, you need to pay attention to a number of issues. Specifically, some of the following notes will help you use the machine for the longest time.

Pure ice machine uses 3 phase current. Therefore, you should design the most suitable power line for the machine. Pure ice machine requires separate space for installation. The machine should be installed on dry, level and clean terrain. Machine tools should be cleaned regularly to ensure safety.

Users of pure ice machines need to understand the operating principle of the machine in order to operate it fluently. The ice machine has a long or low life depending on the operation process to ensure compliance with the regulations of the machine’s use. Another very important rule is that stone should be produced according to the capacity of the specified machinery.

Pure ice cube machine 2 tons
Pure ice cube machine 2 tons

Should listen carefully to advice from the supplier, choose the ones that are highly rated today. One of the most highly regarded suppliers today in the field of pure ice machines is Green Technology. Green Technology provides pure ice machines with clear origin, ensuring the highest standards in the market.

When buying a machine at Green Tech, you will be given specific advice and free installation support by a team of experts, especially in the process of using Green Tech. ensure the pure ice machine is operating at its best.

The method of contacting Green Technology to buy pure ice machine is very simple. You can do this in two ways: The first way: immediately contact the hotline 094.110.8888, which is always staffed 24/7. The second way: visit the website: for the most timely advice and support.

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