Tell you how to make delicious and quality dried blueberries

Crispy dried blueberries are a favorite dish of many people. The sweet and sour taste of Vietnamese wrap is really attractive to young people. So how to make crispy dried blueberries? This article will help you answer these questions.

Amazing uses of blueberries

Crispy dried blueberries are not only delicious but also have high nutritional value. According to scientific research, blueberries are among the most nutritious fruits for everyone’s health. Blueberries contain many effective antioxidants. That helps your body avoid molecules that can damage cells that cause diseases, including cancer.

Blueberries have many health benefits
Blueberries have many health benefits

Regularly eating blueberries also helps your body have resistance to protect cholesterol damage in the blood very effectively. Oxidation of cholesterol in the blood can easily lead to heart disease. Blueberries contain a large amount of antioxidants that help prevent too much cholesterol in the blood. 

In particular, for people with obesity, the use of 50 grams will have a very good effect on health. Studies also show that blueberries help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

How to make quick-drying cranberries at home

Making blueberries at home is the choice of many people today. Because it is both safe and convenient, you can make your own dried blueberries or different types of dried fruit to give your loved ones the most delicious dishes. There are many ways to make crispy blueberries at home. However, depending on the method of making, the finished product will have different quality.

Make crispy dried blueberries by hand drying

This is an extremely easy way to make, but consider drying in a sunny period so that the blueberries are crisp and dry. Before drying, you need to wash the blueberries and let them dry. This method is chosen by many people, but it also has certain limitations compared to the modern method of drying with today’s dryer.

In the process of drying blueberries, you need to ensure hygiene and avoid dust and dirt. If drying in hot days, you will only need to dry within 4-5 days to get a crispy dry product. Should check if blueberries have been properly dried or not before being stored, to avoid moldy fruit.

There are many ways to make dried blueberries today
There are many ways to make dried blueberries today

Make Crispy Dried Blueberries in the Oven

This is a faster way than manual drying, the quality of blueberries is also dry and crisper. After washing and drying blueberries, you just need to put each batch in the oven to dry crispy. The appropriate temperature when drying in the oven is 225 degrees F, equivalent to 100 degrees C. The time to make crispy blueberries in the oven is about 3 hours. During the crispy drying process you can leave the oven door open for better air circulation.

Make crispy dried blueberries with a technology dryer

In order to get quality and beautiful products, people often make crispy dried blueberries using high-tech dryers. After being washed with salt water, take out the blueberries to dry before putting them in the oven. When placing in the drying tray, you should leave a single layer for the highest quality finished product. The appropriate temperature to install the machine is 70 degrees Celsius. 

Dried blueberries with dryer SUNSAY
Dried blueberries with dryer SUNSAY

In order for blueberries to be completely dried, you should let the drying time be from 13 to 15 hours. After taking it out of the oven, you should let it cool completely and then pack it and store it. Making crispy dried blueberries by using a technology dryer both ensures product quality and helps you save maximum human resources. SUNSAY dryer is the suggestion for those who are in need of using a dryer to dry blueberries. 

SUNSAY dryer products have long been highly appreciated by users for their quality and drying efficiency. You can dry blueberries as well as other fruits and foods. Because of this convenience, SUNSAY dryer products are widely used in dried fruit production facilities as well as many families. We bring to customers products with many outstanding advantages and different capacities.

Currently on the market, the SUNSAY line of dryers is being chosen by many customers because of the very high capacity achieved, the product price is extremely reasonable. We understand the concerns of our customers about our products. Therefore, the unit always tries to bring you quality products at the most competitive prices. Visit website to see more pictures and information about SUNSAY dryers.

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