Meat sublimation drying – is the procedure safe?

Meat sublimation drying is one of the applications that is quite unfamiliar to users. Because all of us know that the structure of real meat is very easy to break as well as the quality of meat is no longer delicious after drying. Therefore, choosing which method to carry out is of great interest to women. Let’s find out through the article below. 

How many stages does the meat need to go through when sublimating? 

Sublimation dried meat is mentioned quite a lot on the market today. Many dried meat suppliers have used the sublimation drying method to get the best quality and delicious finished products. According to the actual implementation process, we can evaluate the meat will go through 3 stages when choosing the freeze-drying method: 

  • The first stage: Carrying out freezing the meat, this will help the water inside the material turn into solid form
  • Second stage: Sublimation drying. The pressure at this step is extremely low to create a vacuum environment. Then conduct strong heating so that the frozen material in the drying chamber is sublimated into vapor. 
  • The third stage: The steam here will evaporate completely. 
First of all, we should freeze the meat so that it turns solid
First of all, we should freeze the meat so that it turns solid

 Why are three steps necessary? 

It is not by chance that sublimation dried meat has to go through 3 steps. This is also something that many people are interested in today. Meat is a form of food that is difficult to convert all the water inside into a solid form. Therefore, the sublimation dryer needs to be divided into two distinct stages to separate the moisture and the liquid. 

The minimum requirement is that the moisture content of the material after satisfactory drying is less than 5%. To save drying time as well as increase production capacity, raw materials will usually be frozen before being put into the dryer. With these reasons, you probably understand why meat needs to go through 3 steps to properly freeze-drying..

How is the structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer?

Currently,  the sublimation dryer  with SUNSAY brand has been 100% successfully manufactured by Green Technology Joint Stock Company in Vietnam, meeting most of the needs of domestic and foreign customers.
Structure of SUNSAY sublimation dryer

✅ Vacuum pressure tank

✅ Heating unit for the product when it is frozen, pumped and heated for the product to perform the sublimation drying process.

✅ Deep negative refrigeration system to freeze the product and keep the water vaporized from the product when it is sublimated.

✅ Vacuum pump ensures a vacuum environment during the drying process.

✅ Electrical system controls the sublimation drying process.

What are the applications of freeze drying in food production? 

Currently, the freeze-drying method is widely used in the food industry because of its outstanding quality. With the ability to preserve the nutritional content, color, taste, and original shape, it has brought users the best experience. 

Meat Sublimation Dryer
Meat Sublimation Dryer

The most prominent applications of the sublimation dryer in the food processing process can be mentioned: 

  • Making microbial preparations
  • Used to make enzymes or compound products with high biological activity
  • Drying pharmaceutical products such as cordyceps , jackfruit, sweet potato, mango, yogurt, …. 
  • Drying fine powders such as fruit powder, fish meal, meat powder, …. 

With such diverse applications at the industry ministry level, the freeze-drying method is increasingly known to consumers. That is why the question of where to choose the right product is also mentioned more. So where should consumers buy meat sublimation dryer products? 

SUNSAY Vietnam- the first choice for customers

To make delicious sublimation dried meat and ensure food hygiene and safety, a quality dryer supplier is extremely important that you should not ignore. However, on the market today, sublimation dryer products are being offered a lot with diverse models, making it very difficult for users to find the best dryer for themselves.

When choosing to buy a sublimation dryer, the brand that customers want to think about is SUNSAY Vietnam. As one of the leading units in providing this product, we will grasp the market price better. When you choose to buy here, you will receive: 

SUNSAY provides quality meat sublimation dryer, good price
SUNSAY provides quality meat sublimation dryer, good price
  • Long-term warranty and after-sales service
  • Enjoy more incentives for your next purchase
  • There is a variety of machine capacity in accordance with the conditions and requirements of customers 
  • Market Price Cover
  • Receive direct consulting support from customer care staff 
  • The product is durable with time, can be used for up to 10 years
  • Make sure not to rust because the exterior uses high quality stainless steel. 
Industrial Sublimation Dryer
Industrial Sublimation Dryer

With special incentives along with a long-term warranty, the quality of products that meet the requirements of users SUNSAY Vietnam is a reputable address providing sublimation dryers that you should look for. When buying from us, you will also be consulted carefully and own products with high durability. For direct advice, please contact our hotline +84 94.110.8888 or our official website  to get all your questions answered.

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