Find out how much an ice machine costs on the market today

Currently on the market there are many types of machines for making ice cubes, making many users wonder which type is effective and effective. One of the biggest questions is how much does an Ice cube machine price. Join us for a brief look at the types and how ice machines are made.

Types of ice machines available on the market

To find out how much an ice machine costs, let’s take a look at the available ice machines. There are many types of ice machines appearing today, let’s distinguish them together.

Small capacity ice machine

This type of machine is often used in household businesses trading in soft drinks, coffee, draft beer,… In general, this type of ice machine has a small capacity or less, making all kinds of products. common ice that can be used in drinks. These ice machines have a small capacity, so the amount of money to invest is not too large, suitable for people. Moreover, these machines are relatively compact and can be placed in suitable places in the residence of business people

Illustration of a small capacity ice machine
Illustration of a small capacity ice machine

Large capacity ice cube machine

It is a machine with a larger capacity than a machine used in household businesses. This is a type of machine that often appears in large ice factories, specializing in ice cubes. The output of ice cubes made in these machines is extremely large enough to meet the output set forth by the factory. These large capacity ice machines have a much higher investment amount than small capacity ice machines, but the benefits from it are extremely large when it can be produced once. thousands of kilograms of all kinds of ice cubes.

Moreover, a huge advantage of this large capacity ice maker is that the user can change the size of the ice cubes made according to the orders or the needs of each type of ice. pellets. This type of machine also appears in fishing ports to be able to provide ice for fishermen as well as traders to buy fish.

This is a large capacity ice maker
This is a large capacity ice maker

How are ice cube machines made?

Each factory, each company will have their own ways to create their own ice machines, but can generalize the process of creating ice machines as follows:

Material selection stage

The selected materials can be aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel, … then brought back to be melted into different parts according to the mold. Or maybe factories will import parts already made in factories specializing in the production of raw materials. Electronic equipment such as circuit boards, displays, and sensors will be imported from companies specializing in the production of electronic components.

Assembly of the ice machine

When returning to the factory, the lines and employees will reinstall the equipment together to form a unified whole, which is the ice machine. These machines will be installed very carefully in order to avoid mistakes during the use of customers. These products will then be labeled with the warranty and other commercially necessary labels.

The assembly stage of the ice machine is extremely important
The assembly stage of the ice machine is extremely important

In general, these devices will be installed and completed in a self-contained manner and with it comes precision. These installations will contribute to the creation of the cleanest and highest quality stones.

The place to buy a reputable and good price ice machine

There is a lot of demand for ice machines on the market today. Each unit offers customers different product lines. However, not everyone can choose for themselves the best quality and affordable ice cube machines that are suitable for their needs. There are many ice machines on the market, but customers should choose the best ice maker in terms of quality.

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